Monday, February 28, 2011

the last day of the 28 day challenge :) :( :/

So the time has come, the day is here. I feel like this challenge has been going on forever! And it's been really fun! But at the same time, having to post every single day wasn't always a success for me. And I'm not always feelin' it, ya know? So while this challenge has been lovely, I'm not too overly sad to see it go ;)

So, day 28: Hopes, Dreams and plans you have for the next 365 days

I'm hoping to fix some friendships, grow in some others, and just make some new ones in general. New friends never hurt ;)

I'd really like to just learn to chill. Relax. Not be stressed out about silly stuff that I shouldn't even be stressed about. (And believe me, some of it's silly). I need to just mellow out a bit, ya know? Learn to appreciate the little things, to be positive, to think of every moment as a gift from God.

In fact, I feel like I should make "Let go, and let God" my new motto in life. Because seriously, it's something I definitely, absolutely need to learn. I need to realize that God is always in control, and that He's always got a plan, no matter how hard it may be getting there. During this next year (and the rest of my life, of course) I just want to grow so much stronger in my relationship with Jesus: I want to learn to truly believe and rely on His promises, and I'd love to just fall in love with Him all over again. :) I've been a slacker in this relationship...but what better day to start over than today?

Oh, and of course, friends, Miss Bleah Briann made this lovely award, I believe she called it, for those of us who participated in this fun challenge. Thanks Bleah! :D


  1. 'Let go and let God' is such a simple little phrase that packs a lot of punch, isn't it? It's hard to do, but so necessary! I'm trying to trust in His control too... and I'm praying that your relationship with Him becomes as beautiful as possible. :D

    Much love,
    Brianne Danae

  2. *nods* All things I could work on too!

  3. That’s the most inspiring thing i’ve ever read!! I love ur new motto, im going to do that too!!

  4. *sigh* The blog challenge has been awesome. Very awesome :)) Great last post ;)
    -Jocee <3

  5. Your blog is just too cute!! Thanks for the comment. <3


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