Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Days 15 & 16 ;)

Okay, so I wasn't in the blogging mood yesterday, and therefore didn't do Day 15 :o But my answer to Day 15, "a person you admire", is Alice Henderson, from the show Christy. (Nobody ever said it couldn't be someone fictional ;) Anyways, she is just an amazing person; she may even be based off of a real person, because I know that the book the show is based on is the story of an actual woman? Yeah, I'm not sure, haha :)

Anyways, so Day 16! A song that makes you cry, and a song that makes you laugh.

So, as song that makes me cry. Let me first explain something: I am a crier. Cryer? It's what I do, haha. If I'm sad, I cry, if I'm happy, I cry. And I'm also someone who has had her share of crying in church...and when it comes to that, well, there are many songs that make me cry. But the one that comes to mind is the song "Healer" by Kari Jobe. Such a beautiful song. My favorite part: "Nothing is impossible for You...You hold my world in Your hands."

And a song that makes me laugh? Hmmmmm. Actually, Francesca Battistelli's "This is the Stuff" makes me laugh a little bit ;) I mean, it's funny! And so true! I mean, that stuff drives ME crazy too!


  1. Not in a blogging mood? Gasp! I'm kidding, it's good to see you back, even though it's only been a day. I love Kari Jobe!! And I haven't heard Francesca's song until now, but I love it!! Too funny :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. *wipes brow* Good, I thought you had given up on the challenge, Lauren!!!!!
    Ha, I love that song by Francesca. ;) So funny, yet so true!


  3. Oh you watch Christy too?! I love it. ♥ Love Francesca's music as well. =]



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