Wednesday, February 23, 2011

day 23: a way in which you want to be remembered

I want to be remembered...

as a breath of fresh air. Someone who makes others smile, who makes them laugh, who makes them feel lighter and happier. Someone who can maybe even help lighten their load a bit...someone who shines with Jesus' light, and brightens the days of those around her.

"Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm working on this, friends ;)

[oh yeah. picture via weheartit. i always forget...]


  1. This is such a gorgeous blog! Thank you for the follow, following you *now*! Especially love that you quoted Emerson... always a favorite. Thanks for the inspiration to pour happiness always. :)

    Haha. I forget to credit my sources all the time too!

    So nice to "meet" you!
    -Brianne Danae

  2. And GASP!! You've read Ted Dekker?! He's my FAVORITE author (tied with C.S. Lewis)!! Have you read many of Dekker's books?

  3. Ahh, actually I have not! :( I mean, I know who he is and all, but someone once showed me that quote and I fell in love with it! He's one of those authors that I've always wanted to read, but just haven't yet :( Someday, though!! :D

  4. And I'm snaggin' your button. ;D

  5. Okay, gotcha. Keep him on that to-read list, then! ;)

  6. (:
    Very nice post, Lauren!!! I'll definitely always remember you for that. (:

    Your hummin' soul-sister,

  7. That was really pretty, Lauren, I love it!! And yes, I forget to credit my photos, too. Oh, horsefeathers...and bubbles..and cupcakes...*sheepish smile*
    -Jocee <3

  8. Beautiful! To be remembered as a breath of fresh air, that's like poetry.
    Love the quote, one of my favorites.;)

  9. So beautifully written, Lauren! ♥



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