Sunday, February 27, 2011

This challenge is almost over! (and I don't mind too much ;)

Okay, Day 26, which I missed: a childhood memory!

Oh goodness, how to choose just one?

Okay, I've got one that's popped into my head. When I was little, I had this baby doll, named Snookums. And that was the doll's legit name!! Anyways, so I loved loved LOVED this baby doll. I even remember trying to feed it mashed potatoes at one point...I failed. So I've got to explain something real quick: up until about 10 years ago, we lived up the driveway from my Nana and Pap's. It's kindof hard to explain, but basically, our houses were connected by a long gravel driveway, and a humongo yard, with trees and such in it. So since they lived right there, I spent a ton of time there. At one point, I'd had a little swingset for Snookums (haha!), and it was up in my Nana's backyard. Well, one night, as we were all getting ready for bed, we all realized with

shock, that Snookums was missing! So my dear father went out searching, in the darkness of the night, and eventually she was found in her swingset. The day had been saved, and Snookums was safe!!

Yes, yes, kindof a silly childhood memory, but a special one nonetheless ;D

Day 27: a physical feature I love

Easy: eyes. Eyes are like God's little artwork. They're so, so fascinating, and s
o intricately detailed. One of my friends from a few years ago has brown eyes that had a spiderweb-like design in them. My aunt Abby has blue eyes with a green ring around the pupil. In certain lighting, my eyes seem to have aqua-blue specks all throughout them! My brother's green eyes look like marble (you know, like the stone?) So, so cool! Definitely my favorite feature ;)

Okay. I'm gonna go eat some Chinese food now. Have a good night, friends!! ;D

[AND pictures from weheartit. I forget every single time! Grrr]


  1. Eyes are fascinating! They are like a whole little world of their own. [I'm not sure that makes sense, but hey. :)] I'm also fascinated by hands...

    Hope the Chinese food tasted good! :)

  2. What a cute memory! Eyes are pretty cool. I know a girl that has blue eyes, with jagged lines of green in them. My eyes change from pure blue, to green, to gray all the time. probably one of my favorite features to...

  3. Awww....your memory made me sad AND happy! Kinda like Toy Story 3.....*coughs*

    Ha, it seems like everybody did eyes for yesterday!! I still have to figure out what I'm doing for today...grr!

    Your procrastinating-soul-sis,

  4. Awwwwww such a sweet story!!!!

  5. love the baby picture. SO cute.


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