Sunday, February 20, 2011

Days 19 & 20 and a few random tidbits

Oh gee. I did it again: I skipped a day. You know, I think I'm failing the concept of this 30 day (28 day) challenge. Oh well!

So Day 19: a talent, and Day 20: a hobby, actually kindof tie together for me, so it all works out! See, I am a very crafty person. For the most part, I mainly just have moments of greatness: I made a friend this book of quotes that was kind of scrapbookish, and oh my goodness, I just looove it so much. Probably my favorite thing I've ever made. And it's stuff like that: if I'm inspired, I can make such fun stuff! But alas, the inspiration does not always last, and then I go a few weeks with making nothing at all :( But that's okay! Because then I do, and it's even more fun than the last time ;D

So I've been a slacker lately as far as blogging goes. I just haven't been feeling it, ya know? Which is totally depressing, because I just love you guys. :') So perhaps I'll share a few of my latest random thoughts (or tidbits of thoughts) with ya'll...

1. I like Criminal Minds so, so much. And I mean, I normally wouldn't even be sure why? But now I realize that it's the moments of just...awesomeness, that make it so much better than any other crime show! For example: this lovely moment: Jack (little boy): Daddy, don't look!! Hotch: I'm not looking! Jack: All right, Daddy, you can look. Hotch: Well, that's not Spiderman. Jack: Spiderman's not a real superhero, Daddy. Hotch: Well, then who are you supposed to be? Jack: You, Daddy!!
Awwwwww so precious!! (And to explain, Jack had been trying to find a halloween costume). Also, chances are those aren't the exact words, I didn't look them up :o But it's basically that ;)
2. You know, I feel like I shouldn't be surprised that my PJ pants with Tinkerbell on them are the most comfortable. Or maybe the ones with Rudolph on them...hmmm. They're both so comfy!! They make my life happier :D

3. I'm learning so much more lately that everyone disappoints you at some point. I mean, when I think about it, there's really no one that has never made me feel some level of disappointment...I've got a friend who's reminded me before that Jesus is the only one who won't disappoint...and I'm realizing more than ever now that that is so very true. Don't ever forget it, friends!

4. So I've never been on a plane before. And now, I'm officially going to have to be on one this summer. Huh. The idea doesn't really bother me at all though; I mean, some people are really freaked out by the idea of flying, my father being one of them, but it kindof excites me! Like, yay!! Woot woot! I hope I don't have to sit by anyone weird though...Eh... And I couldn't resist putting that picture ^^^ It's pretty much priceless ;)

So there ya go, chickadees! Hopefully, I can get back into enjoying blogging again pretty soon. I know, I know, it may not seem like I haven't been into it, but believe me, I haven't. :/ Oh well! This too shall pass! :D

[oh yeah! all pictures via weheartit]


  1. Please don't lose the mood for blogging!! And I LOVE the car picture. Too cute. I've been on a plane...alot. Make sure you get a window seat, and chew gum so your ears pop or something like that. Swallow alot. That's all I have :P
    -Jocee <3

  2. Oh girl I ADORE flying. I want a job that makes it where I fly all the time! It's peaceful.. well as long there are no babies on board. hehe! =D


  3. I've only gone flying once....and I was three. *snort* So I'm not sure if I would be afraid to fly. But, I do know that cat picture is HILARIOUS. Seriously.....that totally brightened my day. (:

    Your not-so-flyin' soul-sister,

  4. i hope your first plane experience will be wonderful.

  5. Oh my gosh, I just had a horrible laughing fit over that picture of the cat. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

    Don't be too nervous about flying, it's lots of fun. I've flown more times than I can count,and never had a problem. I'm sure you'll be fine. :)
    Have a wonderful day!!! ~Kelsey

  6. The picture of the cat literally made me laugh out loud haha :)


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