Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A wonderful, wonderful day :D

So today was an awesome day for several reasons!

1. I got to spend pretty much the entire day with some seriously amazing people. I have been blessed with some incredible people. I mean, we sat for 4 hours in a coffee shop discussing God, and ways we can make our youth group better, and during our conversation we randomly prayed, and it was just such a precious moment! I've never had friends like that before, and I'm realizing what a blessing they truly are. :)

2. My dear, sweet small group leader made me my favorite kind of cake for my birthday, and put neon pink icing on it. How snazzy is that?

3. So, funniest moment of the day: Us 4 girls are walking down the street, and Amber says, "Guys, we gotta stop for a second, there's something in my shoe, and it's really uncomfortable." So she bends over, takes her shoe off, shakes it upside down, and out falls . . . two big shards of broken mirror. From inside her SHOE. That she'd already been wearing for about a million hours!! Such a great, memorable moment, haha!

4. (Here's a story for ya). So I'm homeschooled this year. I went to school on the first day, absolutely hated it, came home crying, and my parents were like, "we're just gonna homeschool you this year." Obviously, I didn't object ;)
So my friend Alyssa started getting homeschooled a few years ago, and the rumor around school was that she'd "gotten cancer". *rolls eyes* Um, no. She's quite healthy. Definitely does NOT have cancer. So I knew, when I was homeschooled, that people would wander...
And today, I heard my rumor! See, apparently, I'm...crazy. *gasp!*. Yep, that's right. I am now "a crazy psycho Christian". And that's why I'm homeschooled. HA! The best part is that I'm about 100% sure that this rumor came from a girl who wanted to "reconcile" our falling apart a few years back, and so we went and had a nice long chat. Ah, what a way of reconciliation. But hey!! If talking to you about Jesus, and about how He is what led me to forgive you, and how He has made my life so, so much better these past few years is what makes me a "crazy psycho Christian", then hey, that's pretty snazzy!!
Though, I prefer to be called a Jesus freak, thank you very much ;)

Good, good day, friends :D


  1. Sounds like a good day to me!!! I love days spent with friends who love God as much as you do!!!

    Ha, I'd say Jesus Freak beats 'crazy psycho Christian'....but, so long as they're talking about Jesus, I suppose it doesn't matter TOO much. (:

    Your fellow-homeschooled-soul-sis,

  2. Oh how I love the long hours spent in coffee shops with awesome friends! And, um... mirror shards!! That's crazy! O.o

    Hm... when I switched from public school to homeschooling (the beginning of 8th grade, and I'm a senior now), you know what my old school 'friends' did? Nothing. They kinda... gave up on me. I guess homeschooling is just too weird, or something. Can you believe that?! But through my church and homeschool associations I've made better friends than I could have ever imagined- not to mention newfound blog buddies. :D


  3. LOVE the shoe one. Hilarious. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Uh wow! People can be so rude these days. :/ haha! Love the shoe story!! ;] xo.

  5. WOW! Having a broken mirror in your shoe, and not getting cut is something. Sounds like a perfect day!

  6. Sounds like an awesome day!! :) Btw, you have awesome music on here!!!

  7. Bahahahahaa!!!! Ok...the thinking someone was being homeschooled because they had cancer is one of the funniest (in a twisted way) things I've ever heard! :) I was homeschooled from 6th grade until I graduated and then I went on to get a 3.98 gpa in and graduate college with honors :) Now I have 2 kiddos of my own who I plan on homeschooling! :)


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