Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 17: an art piece

So I don't know the name or the artist of the this picture; I had to find it on Google images by randomly searching phrases I thought would help find it, and eventually I did find it! Though unfortunately, I'm unsure how to credit it to it's artist. Oh well. :/

So I'd seen this picture several times at the Christian bookstore our family likes to visit, but I'd always just passed it by not paying attention; until one time, for whatever reason, I actually stopped and looked at it, and was just blown away. I'd never noticed that the man was holding a hammer and a nail in his hands...whoa, right? And even though he's holding the items that brought Jesus such pain, even though he's the one that's inflicted that pain, it would seem...Jesus is holding him up, scars in his hands apparent. It's just so powerful, and I find it hard to look away at times.

To me, this picture is just such an incredible example of Jesus' forgiveness, his unconditional love, and the fact that he does carry us...even if we don't realize it at the time.

I am the thorn in Your crown,
But You love me anyway.
I am the sweat from Your brow,
But You love me anyway.
I am the nail in Your wrist,
But You love me anyway.
I am Judas’ kiss,
But You love me anyway.
-Sidewalk Prophets, "You Love Me Anyway"


  1. Wow Lauren....that is such an amazing piece!! I've seen that too, I think. But I never noticed the hammer and nails either!!!!
    'Tis an amazing showcase of God's love for us.

    Your singin'-soul-sister,

  2. Whoa is right! Pretty cool, all the messages you can find in a piece of art.

  3. i love this.... the photo and the note is just amazing :)♥


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