Monday, February 21, 2011

"What makes you different makes you beautiful!" ;D

Day Twenty One: Something you do differently than other people
Hmmmm, well, this could have many answers, haha! Hmmm, well...

The way I eat pickles is pretty "different". If they're in the little round circle form (like the above picture), I'll eat the inside of the circle first, and the outside last. It's special, I know. And then, if the pickle jar is empty, I'll get a straw and drink the juice. Mmmm my mouth is so watering right now! (I'm special, I know)


  1. Ha, that's pretty cool!!!!! I love love LOVE pickles....but I don't really drink the juice. *shrugs* My favorites are the dill pickles.....oh yum, now my mouth is watering too!!!

    your pickle-lovin- soul-sistah,

  2. That's so cool!! I did that once. My mouth is watering too :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. I love drinking pickle juice!!! It's so yummy :D.

  4. I love dill pickles. They are good. I eat the round ones like that too.


  5. Ha ha! Definitely unique! I eat the round ones like cucumber slices. I don't drink the juice though, but it's sounds like a treat!:D

  6. love your site! you seem so strong in your faith and that is admirable! and love this day of pictures thing you're doing! i am doing one but its a bit different!
    im definitely a follower of yours!!


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