Monday, February 28, 2011

6,570 days later... (Or, uh, 18 years) ;)

So today is my 18th birthday! Weird.
So, just to be cute and fun, I'mma share with you 18 things that make me happy! ;D

1. YOU! Seriously. I love you guys. You brighten my days, and you're all so sweet!

2. Raccoons. Okay, nobody ever gets me on this one. But they just make me so very happy! They're just so darn precious.

3. Pretty/cute pictures. Ever notice how I do a lot of posts that are full of pictures? Yeah, it's because they make me happy ;)

4. The (sometimes bittersweet) feeling of accomplishment that comes when I finish a book.

5. Disney movies (duh). I don't have comfort foods. I have comfort movies: Disney movies :D

6. My bed! It's sooo cozy. You can totally see a little outline of my body on it, which makes it all the more comfy, of course

7. Instrumental music. I'm one of those people that gets butterflies at the sound of a violin, or the sound of an exquisite piano melody. :P

8. Sheets frozen mochas!! Mmmm.

9. K-Love. Check it out if you havent' already!

10. Going to a restaurant where the waiter looks like Derek Morgan ;D

11. Thunderstorms. Actually, we had our first thunderstorm of the year here last night, and I was beyond happy. Lovely way to start a birthday ;D (in my opinion, that is)

12. Thoughts of spring!

13. Finding a quote, or a song lyric that explains perfectly what I'm feeling and thinking.

14. Hanging out with friends that you pray with, and read your Bible with. Now, that's just cool ;)

15. My great big giant family. They make me pretty happy, I must say :D

16. Okay, this might sound silly, but blankets and heaters. I am constantly freezing this time of year, and I would be very sad without blankets and heaters.

17. Books! I love books. In fact, I just feel so against ever getting a Kindle or anything like that...It's just so not the same!

18. The precious, sweet little moments in life. Like my little siblings singing to me in the car, followed up with my little cousins calling to sing to me :) So, so cute and sweet!

Adieu, friends! :D

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  1. happy, happy, happy birthday! I hope you enjoy it :)

  2. Ohmygoodnessness happy birthday!!! I wish I could send you a whole entire batch of yummyummy cupcakes!! I'll do it virtually *send* there you go. Happy 18th! May it be your bestest birthday ever!! Until 19, 20, and 21..and so on ;)
    -Jocee <3

  3. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! :) Its so fun that we share the same birthday date most every year! ;) I LOVE thunderstorms! We had one last night too! crazy ;]

    hope you have a fabulous day!


  4. Happy 18th!!!!! Hope its amazing!!!

  5. Happy birthday, girl!! I hope you have had a fabulous birthday filled with lots of joy! ^.^ xo.

  6. *jumps up and down*

    *throws confetti everywhere*

    Happy birthday, my dear Lauren!!!!!! Oh my goodness, this is so exciting!!! {lol, can ya tell I like birthdays?!?}

    Anywho....even though I haven't known you for very long, I already consider you a very dear friend. I can tell we're going to be friends for a long time---and soul-sisters for all of eternity. (:

    b-day wishes,
    Lily =D

  7. You share a birthday with my cousin! He's sixteen today. But happiest birthday to you Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (18 exclemation marks for you).

  8. Happy Birthday Lauren! Wow, 18! Hope this year brings lots of adventures and suprises! :)

  9. Happy birthday, Lauren!!! :D Do you feel old yet? lol ;) jk Loved your post! Disney movies always make me happy too! I'm gonna come to your house, and we'll have a Disney movie marathon! :) hehe
    Hope you had an uber awesometastic birthday! :D
    ~Kaycee Lee~

  10. Ooooooohh... the last one is so heart melting! Happy birthday, dear Lauren!♥

  11. Here's to a wonderful 18th birthday! Is it awesome to be an adult? Love your list of favorite things!

  12. Happy Birthday toooo youuuu!! *singing*

    Hope it was the most beautiful Ever!!
    AND! Just wanted to say that I understand the raccoon thing!! They are super cute and lovey... every time I say that, someone goes in this flat monotone voice, "Raccoons are pests," and I'm just like, "They're cuuute, though!"

    Love you!
    -Brianne Danae


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