Sunday, February 6, 2011


One quick comment for the night:

So, earlier today, or maybe it was yesterday, I heard on KLove that there was a Superbowl commercial that mentioned John 3:16 that would only be played in only select areas of the country; it couldn't be played everywhere, because it was considered a religious ad.

Yet tonight, they aired several inappropriate, downright filthy commercials. Huh. I just don't get it. I mean, I, along with I'm sure many other Christians tuned into the Superbowl, was offended. My 10 year old brother and 9 year old sister were watching with us; as you can imagine, my parents and grandparents weren't too happy about it. And I mean, alcohol ads are one thing, but ads that are just completely inappropriate are another.

But what strikes me is that they air these ads with no issue...yet they won't air one that mentions Jesus.

Well. Wouldn't want to offend anybody, I suppose.

What a world.



  1. Well said!!! Why, my family and I only got to watch the last quarter of the game, and still saw many inappropriate commercials! It's really bad when your eleven year old brother has to close his eyes during a commercial! I truly believe television is of the devil. Nothing good comes from it. Nothing. Nada. Cinch.
    Anyways, that's my little rant. :) I feel a little better now. Great post though! ;)

    ~Kaycee Lee~

  2. I only watched a few via the internet and those weren't too bad so I must have missed the inappropriate ones. But I certainly believe that they were aired. I don't get people anymore. Such gross and non-family friendly junk is every where nowadays. Blah! It's really sad! :/


  3. that is pointless. what happened to freedom of religion here?!?!

  4. Isn't it so frustrating when people make disturbing or offending commercials for really no reason at all? I totally agree with you on this. And I know people that watch the Superbowl really for the commercials, because they are suppose to be funny and lighthearted.
    What a world indeed.

  5. I agree, there were WAYYYY too many gross and inappropriate commercials. I was thankful that I got to see the John 3:16 commercial though!!! It was very subtle, and people are crazy if they think that a simple commercial like that is going to offend anyone.

    *laughs* Hey, Lauren, hope you don't mind us all ranting on your blog. ;)

  6. Hahaa, Lily, I LOVE that you guys are ranting on my blog! It's fun ;D

  7. Okay, good....'cause we are SERIOUSLY ranting!!!!! *giggles*

  8. Howdy Lauren,
    Totally agree. The FTC is a government agency that regulates ads, but standards have been sliding since no one really speaks up enough for them to listen. I used to be in the advertising industry and you'd be baffled at some of the stuff that's been pulled/didn't make the cut. Nonetheless, am very encouraged to see young gals such as yourself <3in' God. Never know. Maybe your generation will be the one to change it all :)


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