Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you not entertained?? By puppies? Hehehee ;D

So I get on the computer to do some much needed work on a paper for school. But, instead of going straight to Microsoft Word, I go to the internet. Why, oh why? Thus, the rabbit trails begin!

1. I start out on K-Love. Why not have some tunes playing in the background while I do my work?
2. Their video of the day is The City Harmonic's Manifesto live. And I mean, I have to watch it!!
3. Then, I'm curious. I want to see more by them live! So I go to Youtube.
4. I find the video I'm looking for! It's pretty snazzy. So now I can go work..right?
5. Nope. The top suggested video on the left-hand side is this one:
and thus, the next gazillion minutes of my life are spent watching videos of this dog!!! But oh my goodness, I feel about a million times happier than I did before I watched them! Ooooh the laughter!

Loook at the puppy!! *squeal* I just wanna pick her up and cuddle with her!!

You should just go check out her owners' channel on YouTube here and be entertained for like, hours. Oh, but that's just Mishka (the big husky)'s channel...there's also one for Laika (the husky puppy) and Moki (the other...nonhusky!) Sooo much joy and fun and giggles ;)

And in conclusion, just because it's this, and let your hearts be touched!
Plus, you've gotta love Mac Powell (the Third Day singer)'s voice in the background, haha

My day has been made. ;)
Who knew that watching adorable, precious, huggable little furry puppies could be so fascinating??


  1. Um, yeah....I wanna take Mishka home!!!! Dude, that is so coowall!!!!! Totally wish I could get my dog to say 'I love you.'

    Your doggy-lovin'-soul-sis,

  2. Lucky they have dogs!! I have a sister and have to wait for a dog. Okay maybe I've said that too much. Great post, I LOVE the dogs videos!
    -Jocee <3

  3. aw, those were precious! especially the pup saying grace :)

    -anna :)

  4. hey. i came across your blog today and have to say that I love it! so cute!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS HOW CUTE!!!! I love the dog praying. How sweet is that?


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