Friday, March 11, 2011

A decision that has not yet come to pass... o.O

Okay, so tonight, for the first time in like, forever, I've spent hours watching the Lord of the Rings movies. Aaaah love! Those movies are just so. epic. I mean, for real.

My current thoughts though are: who is my favorite character? Is it possible to choose a favorite character? It is possible to narrow it down...

1. Frodo!! Okay, is he not just so adorable??? I mean, seriously! And then he does that "turn back and look at you with soulful eyes" thing that just makes me melt! He's like a puppy or raccoon or something...he's just so dang cute! Plus he's just a snazzy character; though I admit that the longer the story goes on, the more he irritates me. :P

2. Aragorn!One of my all time favorite movie characters. He's just so undeniably cool. And he's so...chill. He's just got this vibe that's like, "It's cool, man. It's cool." And, ya know, he's, um, not too bad to look at... *cough*. But that's really only part of his awesomeness...he's strong, he's brave, he's loyal...he's everything a leader should be.

3. Legolas! Does Legolas need explanation? Okay, go watch this. Need I say more? I think not ;)

4. Sam! Sam is such a sweetheart. He's the bestest friend a guy could have, literally! And he's so under-appreciated. In my opinion, Sam is more of a hero than Frodo. His friendship with Frodo is just the most precious thing *tear*

5. Merry and PippinI just can't leave them out! They're so wonderful!

6. And of course, Gandalf :) Having seen Harry Potter in the past (the far past), I have got to say, Dumbledore ain't got nothin' on Gandalf, no matter what anyone says.

Do you see what I mean?? It's impossible to pick just one! They're all just so snazzy...

And just because I say so...Look at his eyes!! Ahh! So...indescribable *passes out*

And then, just for humor... Ahahhahaha! How "precious"! Hehehee.
Okay, I'm done now. But really. Who's your favorite LOTR character, eh?


  1. My favorite is Sam. Frodo and Sam and like the modern day David and Jonathan. :D Completely awesome. But as far as the story line.... ermmm... not my favorite movie! ;) BUT I must say that Legolas bugs me because here's why:

    *horses stomp around and act restless for a good three minutes*
    Legolas: The horses are restless!

    Umm... yeah thanks Captain Obvious lol!

    I love Merry and Pippin too because they provide comic relief. XD But, I do not like LOTR.... nope. ;)

  2. HAHAHA!!! I have never seen that "Fly, you fools!" picture before!! I love it! xD

    Also, my three favorites have always been- 1) Faramir, 2) Arwen, and 3) Pippin. But Sam is pretty AMAZING, too.

    I have always held a grudge against Frodo. ;)

    Amazing post! Love those movies to death!


  3. An LOTR post! I just love it because I love LOTR! I watch the trilogy over and over again without getting tired of it. I suppose my top favorite characters would be Samwise (I agree, he's so sweet!), Gandalf, Merry, and Pippin. But I like the rest of the "fellowship" as well, including other characters such as Eowyn.

  4. I love you. You made my day.

    Haha, sorry, Frodo wins, Sam and Gandalf come in second, and Faramir, Aragorn, Legolas and the other two hobbits come in with a large tie for third, lol. :P

    LOTR ROCKS!!! :D

    Loved the post. :)

  5. *happy shriek*
    You totally just watched my favorite movie/book trilogy EVER!!!! And yes, in the movies, Frodo does get kind of annoying....but he's much better in the books.
    Personally, I like Faramir......he's just so wonderful. *sighs* But Aragorn is a close second. ;)

    And this is so crazy---I have this Lord of the Rings post all ready to go, that I was going to post next week! Dude, we must totally be soul-sisters. *laughs*

    Your brown-eye-lovin' soul-sister,

  6. I LOVE Elijah Wood!! My friend met Aragorn, Legolas, AND Frodo but that was before she knew who they really were...and WOW. She's lucky haha. But, back to subject. I think Sam is my favorite. I mean, he saved Frodo, and kept Gollum from killing Frodo so many times!! And I love Pippin too. And Legolas *swoons* Yeah, lol. Okay, I think I'm done :))
    -Jocee <3

  7. Haha omg I love this, great post!!! I love sam so much!! he’s just wonderful and yes, he is such a good friend!! =) lol

  8. Sam is absolutely my favorite character!! He is the perfect best friend :) And of course the typical teenage girl side of me wants to say Aragorn because he's soo attractive ;)

  9. I'm like you. I can't choose! And yes Elijah Wood's eyes are freaking amazing! And that last picture of the cat made me laugh :)

  10. Love this post!! My dad and I are going through the movies, we are in the middle of The Two Towers =) Yea, Frodo gets a bit annoying! Another than him, my absolute favorite characters are (even though I like 'em all ;) Aragorn and Legolas are really at a tie. both of 'em are AWESOME! and not too bad looking ;] next is Sam, Merry and Pippin, Glimi( love him! he reminds me of myself... funny, strong and stubborn ;P ), and Gandalf :) I haven't even finished all the movies and I love them so much already, they are so epic and amazing!!

    much love,

  11. This is a cuteness contest I bet. What is my favorite character based upon how cute he is? ;) Well anyways, I am an Aragorn fan. I always have loved him, since he fits my personality. As you said, he is loyal, strong, and brave. But, what I most like about him is that he is humble. He never demands the throne of Gondor. He continues to fight blood, sweat, and tears for his friends as he prepares himself for taking over as the rightful king. That is what I most like about Aragorn and that quality is what makes him my most favorite character. :)

    In Christ,
    Joshua :)

  12. Oh, I WISH my parents would let me see the movies! I've read the books and they are awesome, maybe I can watch it for my 18th bday! :)
    <3 alli

  13. *runs in* Frodo is NEVER annoying!!!!!!! Hhaha, and I guess people asked him if his eyes were digitally enhanced in the movie or if he was wearing colored contacts and the answer to both of those questions was always NO. lol.


    HAha, and I forgot to say I loved the kitty. Made me giggle.

  14. lotr ROCKS!!!!! legolas is so awesome! but my favorite charactor is gollum, not because i like him or anything, i just think he's really well - written and stuff.

  15. hahaha... "run you fools!" that cat's facial expression is exactly the same expression in Gandalf's face whe he said that line.. haha. i love it!

    oh! i love Legolas...!! but where is Gimli? haha... really love this post, Lauren :)♥


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