Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Snow, please go away. Love, Lauren. :)

I'm in denial this morning; I'm very much resisting looking out the window, considering that my mother says it's so "blinding white" outside...snow. *dramatically falls to the floor*

I don't want more snow!!! I want spring!! I want pretty, and warm, and light, and joyful!

Along with spring comes...

warm breezes, and the feel of the hot sunshine on your skin,

beautiful/yummy-smelling flowers! (obviously),

ice cream, of course...mmmm (though I'm not much of a waffle cone fan),

warmth for the precious little raccoons!,

the simple beauty of God's artwork,

warm spring showers,

and apparently, cats that creep around corners, watching you. O.o

All of which are a million times better than snow (except maybe the stalker cat) ;) So, I think I'll still be in denial for today; maybe even so much as pretend that it's spring outside, and just resist looking out the window.
Yeah, I don't think that that'll work too well. But it's worth a try!

(Supposedly) only 14 days left till spring!! :o
*repeats over and over*: I will believe it, I will believe it, I will believe it. . .

[pictures via weheartit]


  1. Oh, I feel so sad for you. I think spring is trying to make an appearance here. Hang in there Lauren!

  2. *groans* I'm with ya all the way, Lauren!!!!!
    I'm seriously in denial too.....SPRING, WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!

    Your warmth-desiring-soul-sis,

  3. We only got a tiny bit of snow. :( But now it is just really really cold! :P I find myself longing for spring sometimes too. :)

  4. You STILL have snow!?! Good grief you must live in Narnia! Oh wait, the winter left...nevermind. But still, lucky you! It feels really good here in Texas :)) Hopefully your snow will leave you and come to me :P
    -Jocee <3

  5. Lol...I got sick of 6 inches of snow that lasted 2 days! Ive learned to appreciate the Texas heatt!

  6. I love these photos! I am very ready for spring as well. It's so refreshing to see the new life come. It seems I see God more in nature during the spring-time. Ah, I hope it hurries!

  7. Haha, I want spring too! Awesome pics! I love the middle yawning racoon, and the spy-like cat! :)

  8. oh my goodness Lauren, everything in this post is sooo beautiful, and bright, and refreshing to the eye.♥

  9. i really don't mind snow... except when the weather is so nice and warm and BEAUTIFUL and then it snows, that's when I hate it. i sometimes shake my fists to mother nature! grr.

    have a wonderful week!

  10. you have an awesome blog! just found it and i like it! i am sooooo ready for spring too....we still have like 2 feet of snow and it's supposed to snow again tomorrow! ughhhh so anyway, feel free to visit my blog!

  11. I just found your blog and I enjoy it so much! I love your photo choices (I'm ready for spring, too) and the poem by Ted Dekker about God. I'd follow him underwater, too. And Raccoons! I absolutely love them.

  12. If I could, I would send warm weather your way. (Though the weather has been kinda moody lately. It was 70F, then 30F, then is in the 50sF right now but it supposed to warm up.)

    Well. Aslan is on the move! Er, I mean, spring is coming... ;) :)

  13. I hate snow, girl! So much. I just want the sunshine and hot weather allll the time. =D xo.


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