Sunday, March 20, 2011

another moment of thought potpourri ;)


He's like a furry little bandit!!

1. So today, I got locked out of the house; see, I left for church, and locked the door behind me, thinking my house keys were in my purse. Alas, they were not. So of course, later on, my parents call and say "Do you have your key? We're going shopping, and we're already on the road." . . . the one time I don't have my key, and desperately want to go home! So of course, my aunt Emily and I go over to the house, and attempt to break in; I mean, obviously. ;) But the conclusion from that adventure is: I now feel much safer in my home, because it's near impossible to break in. Actually, we weren't even successful. So...fully impossible? Possibly. ;D


2. Taylor Swift makes me feel less alone, ya know? She totally just gets me. Her words, they speak to me. *sigh*


3. I really enjoy when my Aunt Abby sends me homemade chicken soup...You can practically taste the love in it! ;)


4. It was such a beautiful first official day of spring! In fact, while I was driving to youth group, it was just so beyond lovely out that I just wanted to keep on driving, enjoying the happy spring feeling! My mood has seriously lifted these past couple days as the weather's changed; I'm pretty sure I'm one of those people that gets seasonally depressed during the winter, and it sucks. But alas, spring has arrived! *jumps up and down* (and I'm sure you're tired of hearing me mention spring, but I just can't help myself!!)

5. This video was played in our church today. I was so excited, because I absolutely adore it. I even have the full speech (made by Dr. S.M. Lockridge) on my's so powerful! You should go watch it! (my embedded version of it didn't work)

OH yeah, and I almost forgot!! For those of you who are still interested in being penpals, here's my email address: Shoot me an email and we shall discuss addresses and such!
And if anyone else ever feels the need to contact me outside of Blogger, that'd be it ;)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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  1. Ha ha! It's always a great thing when you find out your house is impenetrable without a key.
    What a cool pic of Taylor! She definitely has a way with words.

  2. I love Taylor Swift!!!
    <3 Alli

  3. Yeah, it's always pretty embarrassing {and kind of scary!} to get locked out of your own house. (:
    Ha, I really do like Taylor Swift. Cliche, yes...true, totally!!!

    Love always,
    Lily =D

  4. I totally agree about everything!! Except I know how to break into my house. Yes, yes I am awesome :P I totally agree about Taylor. Like Lily said, it's cliche, but true. And I LOVE that picture of her. Mmm that soup sounds really good. I think I'm going to make some now (apart from cupcakes) Great post, and I'm totally emailing you!! Yesh :))
    -Jocee <3

  5. Springiness! A lot of things have been blooming around here. :) Your first story sounds like something that would happen to me. :D

  6. mmmmmm homemade soups are the BEST.

  7. That picture of Miss Swift is so amazing! bubbles!!! And I'm emailing you for information. :D


  8. lol, one time we got locked out of our house and I had to climb through the doggy door. xP
    Lucky! Our first day of Spring rained! And rained! xP
    That soup looks good. :9

  9. I lock myself out of the house allllll the time! Thankfully someone is always here!


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