Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tag! I'm it? Wooot!



So pretty! I wanna go there. Especially since it's *cough* snowing *cough*/*gag*. I'mma move to Texas, I've decided. I'll go chill with Jocee, and we can watch Narnia, and eat cupcakes. Oh, and plus, we could be warm!! That would be a highlight...

So Emily tagged me in "The Long Tag", which is all too true to it's name! So, here goes!

The Long Tag!

~Your Favorite:~
Color?! (Thus, the answers shall be in blue) ;D
Candy? 3 Musketeers? Smarties? Cadbury creme eggs? They're all so good!
Main dish? Mmmm spaghetti!
Dessert? Giant Eagle cake :D Or in other words, amazing chocolate cake with buttercream icing. Yummm
Drink? Actually, water! It's what I usually drink. I don't really drink a whole lot of soda unless it's at a restaurant...and then, it's so good!
Go to Starbucks Coffee? Something mocha. Mmmm.
Go to the mall a lot? Ha, ironically, no, but I like about 3 minutes from one. Though, I will be going to the mall a lot since I just got hired at a bookstore there! Woooot! :D
Veggie? Cucumbers!

~Do you?~
Talk on the phone everyday to someone who is not family? No...I hardly ever talk on the phone at all, actually :P
Read your Bible everyday? I try to! But oftentimes, I fail. This is something I definitely need to work on...
Do lots of reading? Oh, here and there, ya know ;)
See your grandparents everyday? Not everyday, but pretty frequently!
Bake a lot? Ha. Noo....
Clean your room everyday? I'll tidy it up, if need be, but it's been pretty clean, lately
Have to say you're sorry to someone everyday? Nah, not really

~A Certain Thing You Dislike Of Each Category~
Veggie? Tomatoes and peppers! Ick, ick, ick
Color? Brown. Or really nasty shades of orange.
Animal? Possums!! They're so creepy! And evil, for sure.
Drink? Dr. Pepper. When I was little, I was obsessed with it; as I grew older, it started to taste like cough syrup, and now it just really grosses me out :P

Go shopping? Bookstores!! And Ross. I love that place
Eat out? Compadres! Mmmm. Or Burger King. Or Subway (this tag is difficult)
Go visit? Amigas!
Read a good book at? My room. I need silence, and that's the only place I get it! ;)
What color is your room? Okay, 3 walls are a really pretty shade of orange, and one is a shade of purple-y pink! I love it

~Do You Have A~
Pet? Ooooh yes. Two shelties. They're very loud.
Gift card at the moment? i-Tunes!
Sewing machine? No...I used to have a mini one though, many moons ago!
Big mess under your bed? Oh no! It's not a mess! Though it is completely packed from side to side, haha
Pack of gum in your bag or purse? Well, of course :D
Computer in your room? Nahhh

~Have you ever~
Been on a plane? Nope!
Been out of state? Pfft yeah.
Been in a eighteen wheeler? Uhh no
Been in a car accident? Not exactly. But yes? It's hard to explain.
Read about a hundred and fifty page book in about an hour? Ha, definitely not. I have a lot of moments where I stop reading and ponder, and while I'm not a slow reader, I like to take my time ;)

~More Random?~
Do you share a room with anyone? Nope! It's me, myself, and I!
Have you ever went swimming in a pond? Kindof! I don't think it was technically a pond though...more of a lake.
How old are you? 18!
What year were you born? 1993!
Are you related to anyone important or famous? Not really
Have you ever met a vice president? No sirree!
Are you getting bored yet? Pffft no.
What are you thinking? I want pizza...

And since this is quite a long tag, I tag whoever wishes to be tagged ;D


  1. LOL what a great tag!! Yes, we shall go to Narnia, I can't believe it's STILL snowing up where you are! We have a little bit of a cold front (mid 60's) and I'm freezing in my house right now. Awesome post, I LOVE that picture :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. Nice answers! I am so jealous of the color(s) of your room! it sounds...snazzy!

  3. it snowed in our area Monday! Snow this late in March in NC?! Unheard of! I'm so happy it didn't stick anywhere.

  4. I love 3 Musketeers, Smarties, and Cadbury eggs too!

    Oh great. Now I'm hungry. Better go eat some candy! ;)


  5. Nice tag!! I like your room colors, they sound pretty :) And I loveeee 3 good and addicting!!

  6. That was fuuuun!!!! And it's super cool that you have two Shelties...I've always admired those dogs. (:

    love ya, soul-sis!!!

  7. LOVE this post!
    and the toes kissing each other on your sidebar:)
    <3 alli


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