Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Saturday Afternoon Daybook! :D (ya'll should join in, it's fun!

Hosted by the lovely Jo March, over at Scraps from my Workbasket!

Yeah, so last week, I did this in the evening. This week it's the afternoon. I wonder if I'll ever do it in the morning...Hmmm.

Date... March 5th, 2011!
Starting time... 1:39 pm
Mood... very chill. Relaxed. Content.
Outside my window... *sigh* lotsa rain and gloominess
I'm thinking... I can't wait to watch The Aristocats today!!
I'm currently reading... "For Young Women Only", by Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa Rice; and "The Friendships of Women" by Dee Brestin. Both are SO good!
I'm listening to... my little sister playing on Webkinz, and the new on the TV.
I'm wearing... a cozy hoodie, and my Rudolph pj pants! What, it's Saturday!!
I'm looking forward to... going over to my grandparents' tonight, youth group tomorrow, small group Tuesday...ya know, fun stuff ;)
I'm hoping... that my awful headache will go away super soon
Yesterday, I... did nothing eventful.
I'm hungry for... absolutely nothing. I have like, no appetite at this moment.
The song stuck inside my head is... Some song from that show iCarly...blah. Thanks to my little sister ;D
I love... when it rains in the middle of the night. Sooo soothing.
I loathe... headaches that take forever to go away :(
This week, my goal is... to finish both of those books I'm reading!
Did I meet last week's goal?... Yes! Because I finally finished that Karen Kingsbury book, thank goodness.
Ending time... 1:47 pm

Really, guys! You should join in! It's fun ;)

Well, now I'm off to have the house to myself while my family goes out for the day; that's what happens when you wake up with a migraine. So, I'm going to go hop into bed, turn on The Aristocats (yay!), and chillax as I wait for the Excedrin Migraine to kick on. Have a good Saturday, friends! :D


  1. This is so much fun to read!!! I did it too. (:
    Ugh, headaches are awful!!! I'll pray that yours goes away soon. *hugs*

  2. I'm home alone too!! I think I'm going to watch all the tv shows my sister's not allowed to watch (but I'm allowed to see 'em :P) I'm so excited!! Great daybook :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. I'm alone too!!!! *giggles*

    Oh yeah---and we totally ended at the same time!!! Coowall. ;)

    Your home-alone-soul-sis,

  4. Ooh! I am thinking about joining! Headaches are the worst...


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