Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terrrrifical Tuesday! and then some ;)

So I'm linking up with Jocee for having a Terrifical Tuesday!!

My Tuesday was terrifical because...

I got to sleep in a bit. That's always pleasant!

I cleaned the kitchen a bit, which isn't so awesome, but I got to chill out and listen to my headphones as I was doing it. I'm one of those people that needs to be doing an activity of sorts while listening to my music...so it all worked out! (PS: I SO want those headphones!! Ahh!)

It was sooooooooo warm!!! And then it rained a ton, but it was a warm rain, and it made me super happy and cheerful and light and warm and joyous inside :D

The Rescuers Down Under Movie
I finished watching The Rescuers Down Under, which I recently got on DVD! SUCH a terrifying movie. It seems all Disney movies have terrifying moments, I've realized...

I ate smiley fries for lunch. Awwwe yeah.

Small group was tonight, which is always wonderful. Plus, Mrs. Mac, our small group leader, made buffalo chicken dip. Mmmmm!

On the way home tonight, I totally listened to music from Lord of the Rings. It made me feel pretty great. Somewhat epic as well, as I was driving down the dark wooded roads...

So there's my Terrifical Tuesday!! And for those of you who have yet to visit Jocee's blog, please do!! You shan't regret it, I promise! :D

So on my agenda for tomorrow:
  • Finish cleaning the kitchen. Blech. But, I shall remain positive because it gives me quality music time!
  • Hopefully finish reading Romeo and Juliet for school. I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit! I've never read it before now...
  • Clean my room! Ah!! Soo messy. I'm ashamed.
  • Get up early...that would be best.
  • And eventually, go to work, where I shall try my hardest not to add anything to my pile. But hey, I finally narrowed that pile down, and yesterday I went over and bought fifteen books for 40 dollars. Fifteen!! Egads! You all need to move here and come shop with me.
Good night my chickadees!
PS: Welcome to my new followers!! There've been a couple of you these past few days, and it's so lovely to have you here!


  1. Yay!! Great post, I LOVE the Lord of the Rings picture. Yes, Disney movies always have terrifying moments, I always glance at how much time the movie has left and I say "C'MON!! Hurry up! NO don't trip!!"
    Thanks for linking-up :))

  2. Another great post girly!! I love the picture of Frodo!!

  3. ha, the rescuers down under rock. i love that movie. :)

  4. You are probably going to freak, but I've never seen LOTR. Ever! People keep posting about it and I'm soooo lost! Ahhhhhhh

  5. Oh my word! Those earbuds are just so... necessary. Thank you for discovering them for me!! O.O

    Loved this post, lady! And I'm snagging your snazzy new button p.r.o.n.t.o!


  6. I love the pictures you've posted on here. good luck on your cleaning spree tomorrow!
    Great meeting you through the A-Z!


  7. ha, awesome post. ;) That picture of Frodo was EPIC!!! Moreso the quote....but I was laughing very hard. =D

    I always have to listen to music when I'm cleaning....though, I do believe I could concentrate better with those headphones. *giggles*

    your Disney-fanatical-soul-sis,

  8. sounds like a great day!! as was mine ;)

  9. Oooh sounds like a terrific Tuesday indeed, I hope the rest of your week is just as awesome. =)

  10. Great post! I love Rescuers Down Under, but the first one was almost better!

    I haven't seen LOTR either, Riah!

    ~Jamie Joyce

  11. The *first* time I read this post I couldnt see most of the pictures.. my computer blocked them! They are SO cute! I love the "life is better with friends" one!
    Of course if you've already done that tag, you can just ignore it! :)
    ♥ Alli

  12. mmm I want the Buzz Lightyear earphones :B
    Hey! I really love your blog, and the way you publish your posts, it's awesome... And your music taste is great! ^^
    Hope to read you soon
    Take care and have an amazing Thursday

  13. *throughtwoblueeyes
    Yay! it's not just me!

  14. the reason why i love your blog, lily's and kinsey's is that you three are always overflowing with positiveness!

    great post, lauren!

  15. LOVE your spots above!!

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