Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh, to go to Narnia...

I want to go to Narnia.
I mean, who doesn't?
But I don't think I could handle going, then coming back, going, then coming back, going, and then never going back! Eeeep. It actually makes me sick to my stomach when Aslan tells Lucy and Edmund that they're not going to return to Narnia...
I just could NOT handle that.
I almost think that I'd rather not go at all, then to go and then never be able to return...I just imagine that that would be somewhat torturous; that even though Aslan outright told me that I'd never return, I would spend the rest of my life watching for those little Narnia clues...
I'm the type of person who would become eternally depressed.
Um. So maybe I should rephrase my first sentence of "I want to go to Narnia".....

PS: I feel like I've been ridiculously busy these past few days, and that it's just going to continue on for the next few week or two! So I'll try to post my silly little things when I can, and I'll also try my very best to keep up my commenting ;) But I definitely wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for understanding, and simply for just being awesome. I mean, I'm up to 85 followers!! I never would've imagined that I'd have 85 blogger chickadees(pals)! I mean, goodness gracious! That's more than I'd have ever asked for! But alas, I love all of you, and am so glad that you're here ;)

Buenas noches, mi amigas! (or amigos...) ;)


  1. Hey, you're posts are still a blessing to me, whether they're frequent or few and far between <3 Don't apologize, it's okay ;)

    But don't forget, the reason Aslan brought them to Narnia in the first place was so that they would know Him better in their own world. :] And the real Narnia is coming...

  2. take me with you :)

  3. I know what you mean, the same time, I think I would just want to go...maybe just ONCE! :)
    It's really cute, actually...the other day, I had sprayed on MY perfume (like, everyone knows that when they smell that, 'Raquel's around here!' ;) and my little sister sniffed at me and said 'Raquel, that perfume reminds me of Narnia!'. It was the most random thing and I was like, 'what?!' :D haha But I guess I wore that perfume while reading the Narnia books to my sisters and she just associated that smell with 'being in Narnia'. Made me feel kinda cool ;) heehee


  4. LOVE this post. Of course, I mean, it's about Narnia!! EEKK!! I think I have the fever (you'll see in my post tomorrow). *sigh* Okay, I'm done.
    -Jocee <3

  5. I wanna go too!!!!! If you ever have the chance to go. Let me know how you got there! LOL!


  6. Omg I LOVE Narnia! Voyage of The Dawn Treader was such a great movie!!

  7. Eeee, I don't want to go to Narnia...I WANNA STAY! Actually, better than Narnia would be a Hobbit-Hole in Middle Earth. I love Hobbitses.
    And congrats on the 85 followers!!! I hope you don't get *too* busy, otherwise I'll miss your ramblings too much! :'(

  8. I just love Aslan.:) Congratulations on your followers!

  9. If you go to Narnia, you're takin' me with you.



  10. My thoughts exactly! I couldn't stand not being there after I'd experienced it!

  11. I have a minor Narnian obsession...okay, I think minor is the wrong word. This post really made me smile, because I couldn't agree with you more. I actually may need to echo this post in one of my own. I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due though, sweet girl! :)

  12. "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?"

    This is the link to the post I wrote for you...thought you might like to read it! :)


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