Monday, April 11, 2011

the precious little (or not so little) moments in life

Don't you ever just have those thoughts that are racing through your head, but when you want to share can't find the words? Like this picture...if you're like me, it just overwhelms you, and makes your heart want to burst, but...there simply are no words.

I watched the most precious, most beautiful show tonight, called "Coming Home", on the Lifetime channel; friends, if you're a TV person at all, or even if you're not, you have got to watch at least one episode of this show; I don't know that I've ever seen anything so touching, and so indescribably beautiful! In each episode (I believe; this was my first), a few stories are shared where kids, girlfriends, parents, are surprised by their soldiers coming home...and let me just say that it was within 3 minutes of the show starting that I couldn't help but sob; and then that lasted for pretty much the entire hour :P I'm an emotional person, but hey, I'm pretty sure that this would make even the most unemotional person tear up.

And just because it's beautiful:

and because it fits:
John: "...Because no matter what I'm doing, no matter where I am, this moon will always be the same size as yours...half a world away."

Sweet dreams, my chickadees.
(and go Tivo this show!)

{pictures via weheartit}


  1. Those pictures are all so beautiful...gave me the chills!
    Have you heard Lonestar's 'Already There' song?? I cried the first time I heard it!!

  2. Oh, goodness, yes, I have!! It's been forever since I last heard it though! I remember it well sweet!

  3. Aw, sweet post! :]

    Nice Dear John reference ;)

    Those pictures make me wanna cry....

  4. That one video was sent around my work in an email forward! it gives me the chills.

  5. one word: awwwww ♥ *warm fuzzy feeling*

  6. *sniffs* Lauren, that video made me cry!!! In a good way, of course....but still.

    I am SOOOOO going to watch that show now! Thanks for recommending it, m'dear. (:

  7. I'm bawling!!!! I LOVE that picture of the Soldier holding his baby girl and looking at her in awe. SO PRECIOUS!!!
    I saw that video before, but I always cry when I see it.
    I'm TOTALLY watching that show now. Yesh!! Amen :))
    -Jocee <3

  8. Wow, those pics really hit the spot! The dad holding his baby one is soo precious!

  9. Oh P.s. I lovee Dear John, its such a good movie!!

  10. o my gosh what beautiful pictures! My dad used to be in the army too, so it makes me think of how happy I was when he came home.

  11. Beautiful pictures. The look on the mother's face in the first picture really hit me.

  12. Beautiful pictures! They're so sweet:) Can't wait to check out the show.


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