Monday, April 18, 2011

All right, all right...I confess!

Thanks for the idea, Jocee! ;D

Confessions are always fun :)

~Cookie dough blizzards hold a big chunk of my heart. So much so, that I wouldn't even mind if my future husband hid the "will you marry me" ring inside of a cookie dough blizzard. As long as he doesn't let me choke...BUT that's like, #38 on the list of ways I'd like to be proposed to ;)

{I couldn't bare to put a picture of a spider}
~I've been having recurring dreams lately of spiders being in my bed, and then I wake up and jump out of bed, hyperventilate, and then realize that it was way too dark for me to have actually seen a spider. It's intense. (And, I guess that's not really a confession...Oh, well)

~I feel like I'm not overly personal with my blog...but I don't feel too bad about it since my title is Bits and Pieces, and that's what I do: give you bits and pieces of my days, of my silly thoughts...and hopefully it brings a little tiny bubble of joy into your day. ;)

that's so not good...
~Today...I bought a book (or two). And the one wasn't even one that was on my pile. Gah.

Ha!!! Oh my gosh! I don't know if I should offended, or simply nod my head in agreement!
~I have an insanely hard time parking. It's pathetic. Like, where the car should be all parallel-like to the yellow lines, I end up diagonal across the space. How? Who knows.
BUT I can parallel park, and pretty darn well!
I am so backwards.

~I'm feeling bitter right now. Hateful. Angry. And you wanna know why?
Because I'm freezing. It is April! April!!! Shouldn't it be WARM by now?? Ah, I can't take it anymore!! I'm moving to Florida!!

~Okay, here's a real confession for ya: I am a sucker for Lifetime movies. Yep. The real cheesy, yet heartfelt ones? Oooh yeah. But I do stay away from the creepy, and just plain nasty ones. They're only like 1/4 of all the movies they play though, anyways, so it all works out ;)

~I talk to our dogs like they're people. I'm home alone a lot though...and I just have to talk! So why not talk to them, eh?

~So Ems, my aunt, had been talking once about how the one boy she works with always uses the phrase "I'm sick about it." And I've realized, hey, it's a pretty good phrase! At least for me. The littlest thing will happen, something that would be insignificant to someone else, and I'm sick about it. It's rough.

~I wish Prince Phillip was real. And that he was MY prince, not Aurora's (pffft). She is so undeserving...jk, jk, but still. *sad*

~I LOVE this song. Yes, it's sad. But it's absolutely beautiful. This band is awesome, by the way.

The end. ;D

{pictures via weheartit}


  1. You're very welcome, Lauren!!
    I LOVED these confessions. Especially the Prince Phillip one and the blizzard one. Too cute :))
    -Jocee <3

    Seriously though, there are kittens out there who WANT me and just don't know it yet. :( someday....
    <3 alli :)
    P.S. there are plenty of *personal* blogs out there. I like your bits and pieces because they almost always brings a smile to my face :D

  3. it's so hot here in the Ph!! i want that Blizzard!

  4. i'm not sure if that first comment went here we go again ;)

    i love your blog just the way it is m'dear! your bits and pieces never fail to put a smile on my face.

    and i just love the pictures you pick! that one of the collie makes me happy :)

    -anna :)

  5. Ok, i have a confession...I talk to our dogs like their people too! haha, great post!!

  6. Oh I'm seriously craving one too. (: Except, I like the Oreo ones.....*rubs tummy*

    Like Anna said, your bits and pieces ALWAYS make my day ten times better. (: Just be yourself, and we'll love you!!!

    your summer-wantin' soul-sis,

  7. That blizzard looks really good...
    Love the pictures!

  8. I used to have dreams like that. I hate spiders. Shudder. Nice bumping into you :D

  9. ah, prince phillip. my hero! :)


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