Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Every now and then I get a little bit tired...

~I want to go there. All by myself. And just think. Relax.

~Repeats over and over: God has the perfect guy for me, God has the perfect guy for me....
It'd be so awesome to know who he is. Then you wouldn't have to stress over any other guys...and the little things that they say or do that hurt you, maybe wouldn't hurt so much. Maybe you wouldn't even care, and you'd think "Pfft! Why should I care what he's doing, or what he thinks?" Oh, if only, if only...

~I really need to finish my schoolwork. I have no ambition. Ay ay ay.

~If I were Rose, I would've just let myself fall asleep, while holding Jack's hand in the end. Morbid, I know. But that's why it's good I'm not her, I suppose.

~I'm going to go upstairs now, climb into my cozy warm bed, and fall asleep while holding my Coca-Cola can pillow, and attempting to think joyful thoughts. Hopefully, I'll make it through the night with no scary dreams of spiders or getting stranded (that was a lovely dream I had last night) and wake up in the morning in a better, more positive mood. Granted, I'll not have dilated eyes anymore (I went to the eye doctor today), and thus light won't be bothering me so much and giving me a seemingly neverending headache (very inconvenient).



  1. Okay, I know this sounds really weird, but this post really blessed me. Dunno why. Just want to say I love ya, and I think you're awesome. <3 Hope you don't have a headache in the morning ;)

  2. agree with all of the above. sometimes i feel like the right guy will never get here, but then, sometimes i see good in a guy and it gives a little hope. just a little ;)

    and i procrastinate my homework. not the best thing to do :S

    sent your letter monday :)

    okay, i'm done now ;)

    love ya girl!
    anna :)

  3. Cute little kitty!! *sigh* titanic! ah i love the movie so much!

  4. *sigh* Titanic. I keep crying when I think of that movie.
    I agree about "God has the perfect guy for me." Girls are always lowering their standards...and eventually, they get married because they'll have someone to hear breathing at night.
    LOVE the first picture.
    Great post, girlie :))
    -Jocee <3

  5. Oh Titanic. A wonderful and sad movie.
    I am loving these posts Lauren!

  6. Sometimes I wish God would just give us a little glimpse at what our future husbands will be, so we can just focus on guys that fit that description. *sighs* No one ever told me that finding a husband would be this difficult......thanks a lot, Disney. ;)

    Hope your headache feels better, dear!!!

    love ya always,

  7. Aww, feel better! Your blog always makes me happy...maybe it can work for you too? :)

  8. I've never seen Titanic... maybe I need to talk to my parents about this *wink*
    Seriously, you are making me COVET people's kittens! JK. But that picture ^ is so adorable!!!

    I hope you don't have a headache in the morning! Not fun:( bleh...

  9. So true about men, doesn't it just suck how we have to kiss a few frogs just to find our prince? =)

  10. Cool pictures! I wish I was there too! It looks so peaceful and calm. :) Hope you have lovely dreams! And adorable kitten pic!

  11. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog!! That picture of the cat is just so adorable!

  12. thats what i tell myself every day- that God has someone special for me and that i just have to be patient. hope you feel better after you rest ;)

  13. I awarded you over at my blog!



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