Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm the girl who...

prefers the country to the city (and honestly doesn't even know how to take care of herself in the city), Tumblr_ljsg4iabkk1qhy7v4o1_500_large

is obsessed with pretty pictures, but simply cannot help it! Tumblr_kqspgvpgfb1qze4cao1_400_large

cries when she's sad (and sometimes when she's mad), Tumblr_lk26wimge01qh50evo1_500_large

has always dreamed of going to Ireland (and thinks that her future husband, whoever he is, should totally take me there someday),Tumblr_lgo85ihwff1qzq8eto1_500_large

has a newfound appreciation for giraffes thanks to a somewhat odd book she's reading,Tumblr_ljfq8armub1qh5vwvo1_500_large

who looove shapes macaroni and cheese! Yum! (esp. the Spongebob kind!),Tumblr_ldyziujdm81qevyeao1_500_large

has always been fascinated by going to the zoo, but at the same time depressed by going to the zoo (I just don't think polar bears belong in Pennsylvania, ya know?), Tumblr_ljkm4hiiqy1qe9dyno1_500_large

thinks Leo DiCaprio is just the cutest thing ever, Tumblr_lhf68jko2s1qd72j8o1_500_large

who vaguely remembers being little and getting like, body glitter, eyeshadowy stuff with little stars like this in it (and LOVING it): 20090315104738

who gets spooked way too easily, 75884_10150107220113968_621968967_7330608_6688267_n_large

would joyfully accept a baby raccoon as a little friend (okay, pet) if it was offered to her, 60830_104531776276543_100001591630597_39094_4931242_n_large

wishes we still wore elaborate, beautiful dresses like Scarlett O'Hara,20090608043339

gets butterflies from listening to pretty (or intense) music, Tumblr_lk2l8d4mwz1qg5071o1_500_large

hates jelly beans more than any other candy (maybe more than any other edible item!), 20080925160820

has always wanted a dalmatian, Vixen-the-dalmatian_38163_2009-12-07_w450_large

wouldn't mind living here: Picture+2_large

wonders if she could be as self-sacrificing, and then be truly able to look beyond (some majorly crazy) appearances like Belle, Tumblr_lj1k661x6j1qagy35o1_500_large

is 18 years old and still loves Lisa Frank, Tumblr_lbdw87jpxa1qdl66eo1_500_large

wishes she could draw, Jasmine-disney-princess-9083178-750-1054_large

who just wants to move forward, and let go and let God Tumblr_lidrybmgxn1qe0hneo1_500_large

{pictures via weheartit}


  1. Ahhhh music! I sware I'm equal parts music notes and lyrics. I'm not sure blood runs through my veins, I think melodies and harmonies do!

  2. Beautiful post, Lauren dear. I love ya, girl. This made me happy ;) You're just about everything that I wish I was, frankly. :]

  3. This was a beautiful and wonderful post, Lauren!!!!! I agree with pretty much everything you said, especially the bits about zoos and Belle. That was beautifully said!!!

    Love you always, soul-sis!!

  4. aw, this post is so cool. :) by the way, i still love lisa frank too! i was a die hard fan...and still have a bunch of folders and notebooks of it. lol

  5. I love this post, Lauren. Ditto to the music!


  6. You spread such happiness, Lauren!
    I was a Lisa Frank fanatic. I don't even think I was *trying* to be one, but it happened. ;D Also, Raccoons, SpongeBob macaroni and Leo DiCaprio for the Win! <3


  7. I love these types of posts you do, Lauren! They're so fun and you have excellent taste in pictures! :D

    I absolutely agree about Belle (I myself have recently rediscovered my love for her story and it's music).

    ~Jamie Joyce

  8. I absolutely ADORED this post!! And all the pictures, like the shaped macaroni, Ireland, belle...*happy sigh*

  9. Oh, I just love all of your posts, Lauren :) They always make me happy. Especially the Belle, Lisa Frank, and music comments!

  10. Lauren, that was such a bee-YOO-ti-ful post!! I loved every particle of every letter of every word of every sentence of every paragraph of it. And every pixel of every picture ;) :))
    -Jocee <3


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