Thursday, April 28, 2011

My days just get curiouser and curiouser!


So today. Wow. Interesting day.

1. So I worked from 12:30 to 9:30, and somewhat early on, this guy comes in and starts talking to me about how he's getting married in Ireland, and he wants to learn Gaelic, and Ireland is sooo dangerous, and his family doesn't think he should go there...and he's kind of shouting this to me as he walks throughout the store. It was a little bit awkward, as he was shouting over other people. And then he didn't even buy anything...and he called me "hon". I don't appreciate that!

2. Well, girls who share the "I'm not dating!" viewpoint: I had my first official turning down of someone today. This guy comes in, and stays for an hour and a half talking to me, all the while dropping not-so-subtle hints: "why do you wear that ring on your ring finger? Are you engaged?" me: "noo" him: "well, just a wise tip, you should move it to the other hand so if some guy comes in, he isn't all like 'oh she's taken!" . . . but you gotta understand, it was the way he said it! Then he subtly got my age out of me (I should've lied. But that would've been wrong...) THEN he comes out and asks if I have a boyfriend (I should've lied. But that would've been wrong...) and then I somehow tell him that the manager is my grandmother and he's like "really??? I'm happy I didn't say what I was going to say when she was out here!" And I'm just like "uhhh" and he's like, "which was, I was gonna ask you if you wanted to go out to get coffee or dinner or something" and I'm like "ooooh." So then he's like "so do you want to?" And I had to go into the explanation of "Well, I'm not dating, I'm only into meaningful relationships ("not that you're not a meaningful person!!" I quickly said), to which he responded "I wasn't gonna be like 'oooh relationship!" but hey, I had to be honest, ya know?? So I was. And then he left to go sit in his car...but he works in the store across from me (I work in a mall) and I could see him walking around and such all night, and felt weird about it. And then I crept on his Facebook page. He's a pretty nice guy! AND he posted a Tenth Avenue North video to his page. *nods head*He gave me his number (eh)...and my grandmother promptly lifted the lid off of the garbage can and made me throw it away (after he was gone, of course). Hahahhaha gotta love her! So whooosh. There's my story of the day! (I don't think I explained it well either...Oh well!)
PS: He totally reminded me of my older brother (my nana thought so too! She even said to me, "he looks like Tyler!!") So there! I mean, he looks/somewhat acts like my brother! Weirddd. Although I have another guy friend who reminds me even more of my brother...mannerisms and everything. It's enough to creep me out sometimes. Ay ay ay. Bizarre.

3. I got to hang out with my future sister in law!!! And her cat of course...and then my brother was there for a short time. But it was lovely! I like her. And I watched the new Alice in Wonderland for the first was soooo bizarre. I really liked the Cheshire Cat though...he was pretty snazzy.

4. I drove home at 12:40 pm. I feel sooo old and priveleged that I won't get in trouble for that anymore (not that I ever did, but it's not allowed in our state to drive past 11 if you're under 18). Also, I feel that there is a suspicious amount of cars out in our teeny tiny town at that time of night...Hmmm.

Okay, that's all! It was an interesting day for me, at least. ;) I have very mundane days usually...

Heh heh!! Hopefully not. Plus, I wish I had a talking unfair!

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  1. Wow, that is an interesting day! Maybe your just personable, and so people feel the need to tell you about their wedding in Ireland.:)

  2. You are VERY right. You had an interesting day. Especially the getting asked out part. That's happened to me before only it was more of an "call I call you?" or "do you have Facebook?" it was pretty funny, actually.
    I'm glad you like your future sister-in-law!! I'm dying for my brother to get married. He's taking so long!! Lol, I need to stop rambling now ;) :))
    -Jocee <3
    P.S. I LOVE the Chesire Cat!!

  3. 1. guys are so crazy. while some of them tend to beat around the bush, others are so blunt they scream "I LOVE YOU!" in the middle of the mall or something. *shakes head* i will never understand the complex infrastructure of the male mind. everrr.

    2. that picture of bracelets is awesome. i kind of have a bracelet obsession, so...yeah. i love it :)

    3. that's all i gotta say...

    4. oh yeah, and i'm eagerly anticipating your letter! :))

    5. okay, now i'm actually done ;)

  4. Oh, goodness, that was a very odd encounter! Things like that are always so awkward. But the rest of your day sounds fun! :)

  5. That's funny that someone felt the need to tell you all about something like... their wedding in Ireland. (Although.. it sounds pretty cool! ;D )
    And what an awkward moment! I would have been like, "hey, just a second.. I'll be right back... " "Grama! Save me out here! make him LEAVE!" lol
    ♥ Alli
    ps your blog is so... smiley:) your posts are so cute! :D

  6. ha, dont you love ackward conversations? noT! sounds like you handled it well. :) i mean, hey, if he really really likes you...he will keep pursuing you.

  7. *shakes head* I don't believe I will ever understand guys. Seriously, that's like border-line creepy!!! Haha, I like your grandmother. ;)

    love ya, soul-sis!

  8. your grandma is awesome. :)


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