Monday, April 4, 2011

♥D is for dotty, dashing Dalmatians (and lots of 'em)!♥

I. Love. This. Movie.
Though, looking up quotes and such for it now reminds me of how uh, slightly disturbing it is, haha. I mean, the sweet little puppies are kidnapped so that they can be killed and their fur taken for a coat?
Whoa. That's intense.
Anyways, I just love them all. They're so precious, and adorable, and I just want to cuddle with them! In fact, it's pretty much one of my life's goals to own a Dalmatian someday ;) Our small group leader has one whose name is Domino (hehe) and I just adore him! He even has a red collar, and there have been more than a couple of times where I've accidentally called him Pongo in my head, haha :D
When I start working, I'm totally buying this movie on DVD off of eBay.

Pongo: "It was plain to see that my old pet needed someone, but if it were left up to Roger, we'd be bachelors forever. He was married to his work writing songs, songs about romance of all things. Something he knew absolutely nothing about."

Pongo (speaking about Perdita): "Well, now that's a bit a bit more like it! The most beautiful creature on four legs!"

Pongo: "Perdy, I'm afraid it's all up to us."
Perdy: "Oh, Pongo. Isn't there any hope?"
Pongo: "Well, yes. There's the twilight bark."

Pongo: "Oh, that's my pet, Roger Radcliff, a musician of sorts. I'm the one with the spots."

"The world was such a wholesome place until Cruella, Cruella DeVil."

Patch: "That dirty old Dawson! The yellow-livered old skunk! I'd like to tear his gizzard out."
Perdita: "Why, Patch, where did you ever hear such talk? Certainly not from your mother!"

Patch: "Thunderbolt's the greatest dog ever!"
Pepper: "He's even better than Dad!"
Penny: "No dog's better than Dad."


Lucky: "Mother, Patch pushed me into the fireplace!"
Patch: "Lucky pushed me first."
Lucky: "Did not!"
Patch: "Did too!"

on TV: "K9 crunchies can't be beat, they make each meal a special treat! Happy dogs are those that eat delicious K9 crunchies!"

Perdita: "The twilight bark? But dear, that's only a gossip chain."
Pongo: "Darling, it's the very fastest way to send news. And if our puppies are anywhere in the city, the London dogs will know. Now we'll send the word tonight when our pets take us for a walk in the park."

Rolly: "I'm not sleepy. I'm hungry."

Perdita: "Come along, children. Bed time."
Patch: "But we're not a *yawn* bit sleepy."

Pongo: "Everybody here? All fifteen?"
Patch: "Twice that many, Dad! Now there's 99 of us!"

Perdita: "You want us to get dirty?"

Lucky: "We gave them the slip, didn't we Dad?"


Roger: "We'll have a plantation...a Dalmatian plantation!"
Anita: "Oh, Roger, that's truly an inspiration!"
Nanny: "It'll be a sensation!"


  1. Tsk tsk. You're obsessed with Disney. You're going to have to do something other than that! Actually, I'm just kidding. I'd LOVE it if you did all Disney posts :)) What an awesome post :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. Awesome post. :D I am totally in love with Disney right now. :D
    I was scared by 101 Dalmatians when I was little, the fact that they were going to be skinned scared me so much! x) lol
    I love this movie and I love these posts you have been doing! :D

  3. Ah, this post brought back so many memories!!! mostly good ones....though Cruella De Vil is still really creepy. *shivers*

    I'm totally LOVING this blogging challenge!!! SOOOO glad you went with Disney. (:

    love ya,

  4. I wonder how you tell all of those lovely puppies apart? This is so cute!


  6. Love your Disney posts....very clever!!!

    I found you with the ‘surprise me’ button. I’m a new follower of yours. I'd love to have you check out my take on the A to Z Challenge, comment and follow, if you'd like.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  7. ahaww! 101 lovely dalmatians!

  8. Haha, so many dots! And yeah, I never realized how intense this movie was! Awesome post Lauren! :)


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