Thursday, January 27, 2011


So I finally, FINALLY got to see Tangled.
Oh my goodness gracious.
Best Disney movie in sooo long!
During this movie, I had a few thoughts:

1. I'm sad my hair is so short :(

2. I’d really like to start carrying around a frying pan. Just for the heck of it.

3. This may just be the cutest Disney guy yet.

4. Ummm, hello, I want to be a Disney princess voice!

5. Wouldn’t it be snazzy if your eyes could actually be that big?

6. Hey, minus the baking, and flying throughout the room via her hair, oh and making dresses for a chameleon, my days and Rapunzel’s days seem a little too similar…

7. *sniffle* I want my prince to come and rescue me!! (cue depressed mood that lasts about 5-10 minutes, give or take)

8. Heh heh. If I had a horse, I’d want him to be JUST like that.

9. Why do villains have to be so scary? :o

10. So. frikkin. romantic. *swoon*

Oooh btw, guys: from now on, just assume my pictures are coming from weheartit; otherwise I'll let you know ;)

~Lauren :)


  1. Hehe....I still haven't seen Tangled! *sobs* So you're not the last blogger to see it.....hope that makes you feel better. ;)

    But I hope to see it soon! lol, I've been saying that for the past few weeks....and now I'm rambling. I'll let you go. *cue nervous giggles*

    Love always,
    Lily =D

  2. I have not seen Tangled but from the previews I have seen it looks like a super cute movie! Loved this post, btw. Make me smile! Haha! :]


  3. i still haven't seen it *sigh* i REALLY, REALLY want to though. it's already out of theatres here so now i'm waiting for it to come out on dvd. :P

    anna :)

  4. ah, can't wait to see this movie now!! :D


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