Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Look!

Well, what do you think???
I like it! And it made the sidebars a little less crowded ;)
But for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to stretch my header. Pfft. Whatever. I give up.
Hope you guys like the rest of the new look! :D

~Lauren :)


  1. It looks really nice! love the header! Are you wanting to stretch the header wider or taller? either way, you have to do it in Picnik.


  2. Love it! Super cute and fresh. =]

    xo. kf.

  3. Oh yeah.....lookin' good, Lauren!!!!!!
    Your header is so cute....and I think it looks great the way it is. (:

    btw, which time period WOULD you like to have lived in? lol, I totally belong with Lizzy Bennett. Wouldn't mind having my own Mr. Darcy either.

    Love always,

  4. Samarah- I did fix the picture up in Picnik, and make it as snazzy as it already is, but I couldn't get it any wider than that! But it's okay, I've already accepted it! ;)

    Kinsey- Gracias, chica!!

    and Lily- Hmm...I'm not quite sure what exact time period! I wouldn't mind Lizzy Bennett's time ;) Basically, anything thats not now, haha!! But um, hmmm. Before the 1900's, to be a little more specific ;)


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