Friday, January 21, 2011

So I have a new addiction:

I really adore this site. Like, a lot. It's new to me, I don't even know how I came across it, but it's just so snazzy! It lets you create an online album of pictures that inspire you, or make you happy, or's really cool.

BUT there is a snag in the wonderfulness of this site. While its said to be "inspiring images", well, um, some of them are a little too racy for my taste, and therefore not at all inspiring whatsoever. In fact, it's really crappy. Because it's like, ooooh here's this totally snazzy site, where you can find the coolest pictures(!), but I wouldn't even feel comfortable recommending it to you guys! I mean, they're not all bad, or I would've turned away immediately and not returned to the site; But as you're browsing through the pictures, every once in a while you'll come across one that's just way too inappropriate.

Conclusion? While I've enjoyed the last 24 hours of this site, I think I've gots to give up on it. Already. I mean, come on. If I can't even recommend it to you guys, then it's not worth my time!

But I have to admit my annoyance at just ...well, everything, I suppose. It's like, seriously? Why would the administrators of the site even allow anything inappropriate to be on it? It's just so beyond unnecessary. Blah. But it's okay. I really don't need anything else besides Facebook and Blogger sucking me into hours and hours on the computer ;)

OH. And btw, these pictures? Yeah, these are a few of the ones that actually DID inspire me; I had to share them with you, because they're awesome. But as far as crediting them goes, they are from the site. So yeah. :)


  1. LOL i've been addicted to that site for awhile -- and gotten alot of other people addicted. :P It's a great site... despite some of the inappropriate things.


  2. love the pictures! I've been to the site before and they do have some pretty disgraceful stuff! so I don't go there much but I love looking at the pics on people's blogs :)


  3. I have to agree, Lauren: I've found so many great things on there, but also some not so good things.
    The pictures you showed were some of the great ones, naturally. ;)


  4. Yeah, I go there for pictures every once and a while. I ain't much on nudy-ish weirdness pictures. Ain't my cup 'o tea. But the pictures that are weirdly crappy I like!! ;)

    Yep! Facebook, blogger, gmail, twitter, and flickr are my time suckers. It's ridangdiculous how much I use them. But, haha, oh well! ;)



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