Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My aunt Abby is a very special person. She really truly is! And I'm pretty sure that I'm basically reliving her life :P
Anyways, so she's got 4 little boys, and with that, she has pretty much lost all rights to her television! Therefore, she spends her time watching all kid shows, and it tends to show!
So today, as I'm sitting here, watching Little Bear (Yes, yes, of my own accord!), I realized "Wow. I don't even have kids yet (duh), and I'm already turning more into Abby!!!"
But I mean, you can't blame me: Little Bear is so CUTE and fluffy and cuddly-looking, and not to mention that he's a woodland creature, which are my favorites (raccoons, wolves, and bears, oh my!). They're just so darn cute and cuddly.
And apparently Little Bear can breathe underwater?? Yeah, I just found that out like 2.4 seconds ago. Nice.
But hey, my turning more into Abby is a pretty good thing, I think. She's pretty much amazing ;)

Oooh yeah. I failed, if you can't tell. Unfortunately, that is. And therefore, I jump back in to the world of the interweb with a post of complete and total randomness. :D


  1. Oh, I love Little Bear!!! It was always one of my favorite TV shows. (:


  2. Aw I used to LOVE that show! That and Franklin and Blues Clues. I actually watched an epi of Little Bea the day. Haha! Bout the only cartoons I watch like watch, watch is The Penguins Of Madagascar and Spongebob. Haha! Whatevs. ;]

    xo. kf.


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