Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I fear that today, I'm looking quite a bit like cutesy little Grumpy Bear here. After a day of helping my future sister-in-law move, and about a million flights of stairs, I am sooo blah. Like, that's the only word to describe it: blah. So I wasn't even going to post at all, but then I found this picture, and it brightened me up a little bit, so I figured I'd share it with ya'll. :D
Feel the love.


  1. I'm feeling the same way, just... blah ;) Hope you feel better soon :)


  2. It IS a rather cute picture.....and I'm sorry you feel 'blah'!!!! I'll pray that God does something wonderful to brighten your day...or night. Whichever. (:


  3. I feel the same way, girl! Been in town all day and I feel so blah and tired. Boo! Haha, oh well. :)



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