Sunday, January 2, 2011

By Your Side - Tenth Avenue North

It's amazing to know that no matter how things change, no matter who comes in and out of our lives, our God is always the same; always right here, by our side. No matter what we're going through, or how we feel, He's always right here with us.
What an awesome promise! It's so wonderful to know that we are never alone; and that our God will never abandon us, no matter who else might.
This song is simply incredible, and each time I hear it is like hearing it for the first time, and just being so wowed by the words. I find so much comfort in this song...and hope you will too.
-Lauren :)


  1. I love Tenth Avenue North and this song! those guys are amazing. Their songs have been such a blessing in my life :)

    with love,

  2. Oh yeah....that's my life song. Right there. :)



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