Thursday, March 29, 2012

So right now in life...


~My nails are this totally blackish purple, called "Plum Luck". I like it. Except it's almost too black...which could come off as either "Yo man, I'm a punk", or "Classy. Simply classy." I'm going with the second ;)

~My ankle hardly hurts anymore! Which makes me feel like I'm majorly disappointing the physical therapists, who I'm pretty sure want me to scream in pain...

~Going with bride #3 to pick up my bridesmaid dress on Wednesday. I hope it still fits. I hope I don't have to be in another wedding for a while! Too much stress over worrying about the dresses still fitting months after ordering them ;)

~Tim Tebow is a Jet! Which makes me happy, because he's only a state away ;) (You know, cause obviously I'll be running into him.) And there's a chance that he'll be coming to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers, and I plan to be there!! At least, hopefully. We gots Steeler ticket connections ;D

~I guess most importantly, ba da da dum...I have an official real job. Like, a real job. I am now a secretary at the doctor's office :o Or at least I will be. I have to finish my current task of finishing the files I'm working on, but then I shall be fully trained (I've already started training) and will take my place on the battle lines! (And I'm not being dramatic! You'd be surprised just how crazy it is). So I'm officially staying there for who knows how long. It's the kind of job I could potentially have until I get married and have kids someday.
Thank you Lord! He's always got a plan. Even when (especially when) I don't see it!

...I can't think of anything else right now. I'm sure I will later. But for now? It's 7 o'clock and I'm gonna go curl up in bed. Ahhh sleep.
At least, hypothetically. That's what I'd like to do. Probably won't, though.
Oh well! Sayonara!


  1. Oh very fun. I'm glad your ankle is doing better.
    I'm wearing purple nail polish now!

  2. You've been in three weddings?! Wow! I'd love to be in one (as well as being a bride! LOL)

    Congratulations on the official job! That's real exciting!


  3. My toe nails are consistently painted black and most people I know think it is class, so I do believe you are safe assuming your nails are also classy :)

    I totally understand the wedding thing. I have been in seven weddings (flower girl once, bridesmaid three times, and maid-of-honour three times). While an honour it is also EXHAUSTING!!! And I hate worrying about whether the dress will still fit or not!

    Congrats on the job :D


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