Sunday, April 1, 2012

getting back to the roots of "bits and pieces" ;)

~Last night, I got to see Casting Crowns with Matthew West, and it was incredible! This was my third time seeing Casting Crowns, and they just get better and better every time. My absolute favorite thing about Christian concerts though, especially ones where you know the words to every single song ;), is really that it's more of a worship experience than a concert... The band up front? They're really nothing special. They're just our brothers and sisters in Christ leading us in worship. Even if you're in an arena with 14,000 other people, it so easily feels like it's just you, the band, and God. Everyone else just kind of fades out.
After doing all Christian concerts for a few years now, I don't think I'll ever be able to go back! There's nothing like it.

Okay, now that I've shared that, do ya'll remember when once upon a time, I'd have such happy posts bursting at the seams with pictures that were just cute, silly, pretty, sweet, happy?
I mean, hey, the whole blog title says it all: this is supposed to be the little "bits and pieces" of the snazzier things in life ;) I do pretty good with that, considering that the whole "Let me sit down and write an entirely comprehensive post about my life and thoughts!" just doesn't work for me. I know it's been said that bloggers should avoid being too "random" but seriously? Honestly, truly, my mind is a crazy place to be sometimes. I'm moody. I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm silly. I'm funny. I'm irritable. I'm a myriad of things, and go through a myriad of emotions each day. Believe me, you don't want me to be that super detailed kind of get enough of my moods as it is ;)
Anyways, my whole point? I'm gonna start doing silly picture posts again. Because they're fun. They make me smile. And I love when other bloggers do it. They're my favorite kind of posts ;)

And on that note, so it begins!
And keep in mind: these are basically "these make me smile" posts. So hopefully, they make you smile too!

Lorelai Gilmore, sometimes I feel as if we are the same person!

This picture makes me catch my breath, makes my heart sing, and stops me in my steps. Fabulous.

(my) Precious!!!!


Narnia???? *sigh*

Haha! Totally kidding.

What?? Are you sure??
Well, that's just one more way that Cinderella and I aren't alike.
Though I don't know if "stalk" is the correct word...

Bahahhaha. Sorry, male viewers. But girls who remember this? Go ahead, and laugh with me. :D

Ah, what if it does?

"Dear John...."

Ah, Peter! But really....this picture is kind of creepy. Which makes Peter Pan just a bit creepy.

*nods head frantically*

No words for this awesomeness.

This movie never fails to tug at my heartstrings.

Had to do it. ;)

Adios, my friends. I bid thee a wonderful evening, and wish you well always.
Until our next meeting...

{pictures via weheartit. Except for Timmy. I may or may not have gotten that off of his Facebook page *cough* stalker *cough*. I'm not, I'm not!!)


  1. Love these pics - made my day!! :) Thanks Lauren!

  2. Loved the post! And I'm pretty sure if Cinderella had Face Book available there would have been some SERIOUS stalking going on!! ;-)

  3. No! Not a stalker! It's called extremely devoted fan! LOL

    I LOVE your random posts, they are what attracted me to your blog in the first place! Lol Oh, and Dumbo with the ring is AWESOME.


  4. I remember that episode of Lizzie McGuire!! I remember thinking she was crazy too! :D
    Anyway - like you said on my blog, I find myself thinking you and I'd be great friends outside blogger world... We're both a little crazy and everywhere ;)

  5. Love, love, LOVE!

    Ah, you make my day always, dear Lauren <3

  6. haha, Lizzie McGuire makes me laugh ;D
    And yeah, Prince Philip is pretty perfect {lol, a bunch of p's in that sentence :)}
    so to conclude---I love your bits and pieces posts, Lauren!!! Please don't ever stop being random and lovely :))))))

    love always,


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