Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cuan grande es mi Dios? (How Great is our God?)

This song gives me chills each and every time I hear it.

Life gets so loud here in America; but this song takes me back to a quiet (in some sense of the word) Dominican church out in a beautiful jungle of an area where the heat is so intense you can taste it as you breathe in. Where the people have next to nothing, but they have the LORD...and their joy is complete.

There is something so incredibly beautiful about hearing worship in a different language. I remember closing my eyes, listening to the strength of the voices around me, the joy as these people poured their hearts out to the Lord...and thinking "this is a glimpse of Heaven".

I cannot wait until that day when there will be no language barriers, no vast oceans, no cultural differences, nothing holding the family of Christ apart.

And in that day, we shall find ourselves singing so many praises...among them, "How great is our God?"

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