Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tell me something...(a few of my current questions in life)

Where's my boy gonna end up?
Oooh I can hardly wait to see!
By the way...is that football he's holding broken? Weird.

Why is "The Adventures of Tin Tin" so monotonous to me?
(Rin Tin Tin and Tin Tin...not the same. I know. But he's so furry!)

When on earth will I learn to be on time???
If only I were a queen.

Why are so many of you guys from Oregon? What on earth...?? Ya'll are so far away! And like, in a different time zone and everything! Weird.
(That picture came up...Snazzy!)

Why did my ankle trick me into thinking it was doing wonderfully, and now I feel like I'm going to die it hurts so bad?

Here we go: Why are all of the good guys either plain uninterested, in a relationship, or married? (That's a new one I've encountered in life. Boo.)

How can it be that the Disney Movie Rewards club is so awesome?? They're totally helping me build up my collection of Disney figurines!! Woot woot!

Is it possible that the first doctor I saw, who told me I had a broken bone in my ankle, was right after all? Because...I'm starting to doubt doctor #2 :o

Why didn't Rose just scootch over to give Jack room, and therefore, the happy ending would've actually happened??
"I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go."
Wow. I just got genuinely, truly, depressed. Yikes.

How many more days till I get to go see that (Titanic) in theaters?? In 3d??? Eep! Considering I was 6 when it came out the first time...oh the excitement!

Isn't it odd that it was insanely hot out today? In March? In Pennsylvania? :O

Do women ever stop being catty? When you're 90 years old, and you're in a Bible study or quilting group or whatever 90 year old women do...are you still just as catty as you were when you were 50? 30? 15? Does it ever end??

Is it possible to read a Nicholas Sparks book and not cry?

Where did all the anvils go?

Speaking of, will I ever meet someone who I can speak Gilmore to?

Will my parents bring me a McFlurry? Or won't they? 0.O

Who is Justice Beaver, really?

Can I take a nap please? (She says at 10 o'clock at night)


  1. I don't live in Oregon... I live in NC! lol :)

  2. Hahaha okay, so who is 'ALL you' in Oregon???

    Oh and I think it's totally legit that Tebow is holding a smashed football. It's just because he's so COOL that he can smash it in his hands. Get it? ;)


  3. Oi! Enough with the poodles and totally unavailable men already! ;-)
    I'm a closet crier when it comes to Mr. Sparks books.....I won't readily admit that they make me cry....but they sooo do!
    Praying your ankle gets better, it can't be fun not being sure what's wrong with it!

  4. Ikrrr!!? ROSE COULD'VE MOVED!!!!!

  5. love this post :) I was wondering where Timmy was going to end up but just heard he's going to the Jets... Kind of sad about that, I was wishing he was going to go to Jacksonville so he could be closer to his family... oh well at least now he's closer to PA :)... I didn't realize you lived in PA too! Awesome!

  6. I love your happy posts, Lauren <3 they make me so........happy ;)


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