Friday, March 23, 2012

take a breath.

I have so much on my mind tonight, and all I want to do is run it off. I haven't felt that way in, well, years. I went through a period of constant stressing over a certain situation and hopping on the treadmill and sprinting till I couldn't possibly go on became my way of letting out all of my built up tension...healthy stress reliever, eh? ;)

And tonight I've got that feeling again, that feeling where half of me wants to run away from all of the thoughts whirling through my mind, and the other half just wants quiet. To be far away from the rest of the world, where I can just breathe.

Well, thanks to my badly sprained ankle that feels as if there's a knife lodged in it if I move it even a centimeter in the wrong direction, running's not an option. My somewhat large family makes getting *truly* quiet a bit of a difficulty. And considering my parents are paranoid worriers, getting in the car and driving away for an hour or two at 10 o'clock at night: definitely not an option.

I just want to hibernate for like, 3 days straight; let my nerves get recharged, take a deep breath, spend some serious, uninterrupted time seeking the Lord, and step away from the world around me: the arguments, the drama, the worries, the wishes and hopes that shouldn't be there, the noise.

Well, 3 straight days is a bit unrealistic. But tomorrow's Saturday, and Saturday's about as good as it gets for a day of relaxation...maybe I'll even hop in the car and just drive.

Always sounds good, but knowing me, I'd get lost, and my dad would have to come find me...Fail.


  1. Don't stress, God's got it taken care of ;)


  2. not the best feeling in the world, being torn between desiring quiet AND excitement. But like Sam said---God's got it, girl :)))
    love always,


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