Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I knew after 19 years, an injury'd have to come sooner or later... ;)


Well, the day has come: the day of injury! In other words, I've made it nearly 20 years without any serious issues...all until yesterday. *cue music* da da dum....

Let me explain the order in which this all occurred. It was all like a scene in a tv sitcom.

So I'm upstairs, preparing myself for the day, have lotion all over my hands for my face, and all of a sudden, every fire alarm in the house goes off. So I'm like, "uh oh spaghettios" and scurry downstairs where Mom's on the phone with my uncle, my little sister's sobbing, little brother's somewhat excited (?) and the dogs are going crazy. Mom had just started a fire in the woodburner and one of the dying fire alarms decided to go off at that exact moment, and started a chain reaction of all of them going off. But of course, we don't know that, we're all like, "Oh no, what if there's a fire somewhere, and we just can't see it?" (Big house.) (And understand, we had a house fire 5 years ago, so our family is super sensitive to anything fire-related). So I investigate upstairs, scurry up to the attic to double check for smoke, scurry back down, and as I'm coming down the bottom steps, bammm fell right on my left ankle at this funny right angle.

So luckily, my parents' bed is right there, so I collapse on the bed, writhing in pain, screaming "Oh my God!" over and over again, which I never say, so you know there was some serious pain going on; all the while, uncle and Pap come over and fix all the alarms, and I limp my way downstairs.

So long story a little bit shorter, we went to the ER and the doctor told me I'd broken my fibula o.O It had been such a crazy, ridiculous day, my mother and I could not stop laughing, because it was just all so ridiculous!

So he gave me some pain pills, and onward we went! Then this morning, the ankle doctor told me that the ER doctor read the xray wrong, and really it's just a terrible sprain. So, that's a major plus! I shall be in this funny cast and on crutches for at least the next week, maybe 2, but gosh, it's been just about 24 hours, and my entire body hurts so bad from those stupid things. Then I'll start physical therapy, and I shall move on with my life!

So that's my exciting story. I'm laid up for the next week. Life's hard with one leg. The end.

But it's kind of hilarious, because the night before last, I was praying so hard for God to help me to take my mind off of a certain thing...and I realized this morning that I hadn't thought about it at all since my little incident! Hahaha. So lovely.

I'm taking it in stride ;) And I have to say, being pampered is a bit nice...but I feel a little bit like Chief, the dog in Fox and the Hound, who breaks his leg and lays around moaning and groaning...I'm trying not to moan and groan though! I shall enjoy this time of rest. Reading. Watching Rock Hudson and Doris Day movies. Woohoo.
I shall ignore the pain, and enjoy the fun! *cough*


  1. Oh, dear! I hope you get to feeling better real soon, Lauren. =) Glad that fire alarm was just a false one, too.

  2. Ouch! Poor thing, I hope it feels better soon, injuries aren't any fun.

  3. Hope you feel better:)


  4. Oh man, that definitely sounds like a scene out of a movie! I'm sorry you are hurt but kind of jealous of your forced movie-watching and book-reading... maybe I should try taking a similar tumble? ;)

  5. Oh no!!! So sorry for your broken...er...sprained ankle!! :/ so sad! That must've really, really hurt!! Praying for a quick recovery!

    Miss Raquel

  6. Ooh dear!! I'm sorry that happened!! I hope you feel better. It doesn't hurt, does it? My little sister broke her leg when she was only 5 or something. Now she's 12, but I just remember her crying and crying and crying.... it was sad. :/


  7. Oh you poor thing! Get all better! Please...
    And yes. Enjoy being pampered- it is nice every once in a while. :)
    AND- haha. Your comment on my blog about Abort73, just made my day!


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