Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well, amigos...I'mma taking a break. I've been feeling kinda "blah" about blogging lately...
So yeah. I'll be back. Eventually.
I may still hop on and read some of your blogs here and there though :)
(And of course, my lack of inspiration comes right during Jocee's blog party. *sigh*)

Update/rant (from like, an hour later): I remember now why I never post anything on Facebook anymore. Because people leave irritating comments. And then I end up deleting the entire status anyway, because I'd just rather not deal with it, and because I'm all agitated.
Gah. I'm just gonna quit Facebook, besides for communication purposes. I'm back to being status-quiet! I quit! It is now merely a site for me to contact people when need be. Because I said so.
Yep, I'm officially starting my break now. Ay ay ay!


  1. Awww, you're gonna be missed! :(

  2. WAAAAAAHHH!!!!!


    If you really must, dear, please go take a break. I'll miss my constant source of bloggy sunshine while you're gone, though. <3

    Love ya and hope to see you soon! *hugs*

  3. Have a nice break!
    I'm just coming back from one. I feel refreshed. Hopefully you will too.

  4. aww I'll miss you!! But I totally understand and I hope you enjoy your break :)
    talk to ya soon!

    much love♥

  5. We'll miss you!!! Have a good break (come back soon though, OK?)!

  6. Aww, you'll be missed. Come back soon. :)

    ~Jamie Joyce

  7. AW.... have a nice break will be looking forward to when you come back!!! I hope it will be soon, cause i love your blog. so hurry back ;)

  8. awww.. I'll miss ya:( hope you don't need too long of a break! :)

  9. Oh Lauren, please come back soon!!!! Honestly, I'm gonna miss you sooooo much. :(

    your forever soul-sis,


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