Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sooo...anyone want to go to NYC with me?? :D

~I officially, desperately want to go see Spiderman on Broadway. Oooh my gosh.
And it's only a couple hours away! And only a couple hundred dollars!! :| I'll just ignore the fact that there's absolutely no one I know who would go with me...grrrowl.
By the way, is that guy not soo much more, uh, how to phrase this...okay: I'd rather see him in the movies than Tobey Maguire. I mean, Tobey Maguire's totally geeky, so it's awesome to see him be all like, "yeahhh I'm Spiderman!!", but this guy's like, super tiny. And he has geeky potential. So it's even cooler for HIM to be all macho, and like "yeahhh I'm Spiderman!"
Nooo, I do not just want to go see the show because this guy is in it...*cough*
Thank you, American Idol.

~Oh, speaking of American Idol!! So they're supposedly auditioning like, an hour away from here for the next season. I've heard it costs nothing to try out. So it's like, this moment of "To do or not to do?" Wouldn't it be so fun to just try out? Meet Ryan Seacrest?? Okay, that'd be cool. We'll see.
But I had this total moment last night during the American Idol finale, where this 16 year old guy (who won!) was singing with Tim McGraw, and I just thought "Wow! He was just living life, going to high school, yadda yadda a year ago, and now, he's singing with Tim McGraw! Whoa." Oh yeah, and now, he's the new American Idol! Whoa, jump back!
By the way, Casey should've won. For sure.

~So I bought these pretty little Yankee Candle air fresheners called "Midsummer's Night". But it turns out they smell like guys cologne. So then, my car smelled like there'd been like, 4 over-cologned guys in it all at once. Ickyyy. The best part of it all though was the comments: from my aunt, "Does it at least smell like a good-looking guy??"; the lady at the store, "Young girls LOVE this scent! They say it smells like a cute boy!"
Well, that's all fine and good, but I don't want my car to smell like that. Blech.
So I went back and got "Coconut Bay", instead :D

~I suddenly feel as if I've betrayed Tobey childhood Spidey...Great. Now I feel bad. But then...I listen to Reeve Carney (that's the other guy's name) sing...and I feel better.
Aww dagnabbit. I had go find a picture of Tobey Maguire and now I feel this odd sense of guilt again. It's like when you say something mean to somebody who wasn't expecting it...and then you feel all nauseous cause you know you were such a jerk.
I'm sorry Tobey!! I'm sorry!
(but I don't take it back *cough*)


  1. I'd SO go with you!! :D Haha I love that story about the candle. :)

  2. I like Tobey Maguire better, honestly. He's just so...cute. Not in the "WOW, HE'S HOT!" kind of cute, but the "Aww!! He's such a cute guy!" kind of cute. You know, the nerdy kind.
    Hurray for that! For winning American Idol. I was never a fan of that show, and I'm still not, anyway, but I'm glad he won, because when he sings he sounds like a real man. Not a girl *Coughcoughjustinbiebercoughcough*. I'm not in the "i think so-and-so should've won" thing, because to me, they're all pretty great singers. Hurray for them for making it this far!
    Anyway, all my childhood guy-friends are growing up, and thus begins them wearing cologne. It doesn't smell bad, but I like it better on college guys. (okay, that sounded weird, but still!)
    ANYWAY, I have been rambling on forever...forgive me. Love ya', Miss Lauren :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. That would be so much fun to go see spider man on Broadway!

  4. I WOULD GO!!! Looks incredibly amazzing!

  5. I would so go with you! Just for a chance to stalk Aaron Tveit and see a real Broadway show.


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