Friday, May 27, 2011

♪ Here comes the sun, do do do dooo ♪

So, obviously I'm joining in on the lovely Jocee's blog party! Jocee's this awesome girl who's got a blog called "The Cupcake Dictionary", where she never fails to brighten my day with her peppy posts, neverending pictures of cupcakes, and lotsa fangirling over Peter Pevensie; all of which are very enjoyable! So if you haven't already, go on over and check her blog out! You shan't regret it ;) Oh, and join in on the party while you're over there :D

  • What would your dream summer vacation be?
    Ireland! Because it's beautiful and magical and I really really want to go there. I'd vacation there during any season, not just summer ;)
  • After a rainstorm, what you think of when you see the sun peeking out from the clouds?
    "Ah, at last"
  • If you were stranded on a desert island with the sun streaming down on you and had ONE palm tree for shade, you can only have three things with you; what would they be?
    Hmmm. Well, my Bible for one. I feel like I'd be getting lots of reading time in. I wouldn't mind taking my iPod...but I suppose it'd die at some point. Oh well, I'd take it. And...a journal (with a pen magically attached to it, so that it doesn't count as a separate item)!
  • Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or neopolitan?
    Ooooh neopolitan! Because with neopolitan, you can have whatever you want :)
  • If you saw your celebrity crush walking down the beach with a surfboard, what would you do?
    Probably just stand there, all awe struck. But in my mind, I'd totally go through all of these clever things to say: if it were Leo DiCaprio, "Jack!! You're alive!!!" *snicker*. If it were Johnny Depp, "Jack!! You're alive!!!" *snicker snicker!!* okay, except that I don't know if Jack Sparrow ever seemingly's been a while since I've seen any of the movies.
  • If you went back in time for a day, what era would you go back to, and why?
    Whatever era Anne of Green Gables is set in! Oh, how wonderful!
  • What's your favorite thing about waking up on a summer morning?
    The birds singing outside my window :D
  • Your soundtrack or theme song(s) for the summer:
    "Grenade", by Bruno Mars! Cause baby, I would catch a grenade for youuu!!
    No, no, jk, jk. Definitely "Hakuna Matata".
  • Say you went to California to visit family. What's the first thing you would buy?
    Something uniquely Californian! :D
  • Manicure, pedicure, or facial?
    Manicure, please.
  • What's your favorite color combination?
    Pink and orange! The colors of my room :D
  • If you were at the beach and you wanted to write a message in the sand, what would you write?
    "Meow meow meow" with a smiley faced kitty next to it :)
  • You're stuck in Paris with $10,000. What do you do?
    I totally find some sort of show to go to. Window shop; except that I can totally buy the stuff I see in the windows ;) Buy a Parisian puppy. Go see the Eiffel Tower!
  • What's your most favorite type of summer weather?
    When it's warm, but breezy, with only a few clouds here and there :D
  • Blowing bubbles while taking a bubble bath?
    Oh, of course!
  • Cupcakes or dictionaries?
    Cupcakes, for sure!! Yummm :D :D :D

    I'm so excited to see what other things Jocee will be having for her blog party! Ooooh how fun :D


  1. I just adored your answers, Lauren. Your posts make me smile, as well :)) Thanks for entering, dearie :))
    -Jocee <3
    P.S. I think Anne of Green Gables is sometime before and during the first World War. I LOVE those books and movies...*sigh*

  2. "Jack!! You're alive!!" LOL, love that.
    This looks like fun!

  3. Hey Lauren, I love your blog! Just found it from a comment you left over at Jocee's. :) Awesome music, too. And the pics on your header are too cute!:)


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