Friday, May 20, 2011

The "Awesome Posts Award"!! :D

So Jamie, over at Through Two Blue Eyes actually made me an award!! Nobody's ever made me an award before! I feel beyond honored! Thanks, Jamie!! :D

So this beautiful award comes with a tag, and I'm allowed to pass it on to others! (Yay!)

Which would you prefer; carousel or Ferris wheel?

Carousel for sure! Heights freak me out :o

A ten dollar bill or two fives?

A ten dollar bill! It's just so much...snazzier.

What is one of your favorite pastimes? Why is it? Do you benefit from it?

Well, I like to watch Gilmore Girls...and I mean, a lot. As in, I watch it a ton. Every day. It just makes me happy! And I mean, I learn life lessons, kindof haha. What not to do...what to do...words like "shnicklefritz". Soo beneficial.

Coffee mug, thermostat or a tall glass?

Huh. Ummm tall glass!

Stain glass windows or windows with lace?

Oooh that's a good question. Well, I like windows with lace in a home. But stained glass windows anywhere else are pretty wicked sweet.

Cubed ice or crushed ice?

Crushed, for sure!

A shopping trip downtown or a picnic in the country?

A picnic in the country. Prettier, AND less expensive. Win.

Would you rather sleep in a single bed or at the top of a bunkbed?

Okay, here's the deal: I have a queen bed. It's pretty big. I don't think I could share it with anyone else. I'm like, all over the place. Soo I'd probably end up falling off of either of the two options up there! Haha :)

When you marry, will your bed be super soft and large or will it have a canopy over it?

Option numero uno!

What is the song you sing more frequently than others?

Actually, the song "Lighthouse" by Nickel Creek. It's just so lovely!

What time is it right now?!

It's 12:00 on the dot! (PM) ;)

Okay, so I now tag:

Anna, from Sisters in the Savior

Haze, from far is heaven?

Brianne, from Here We Are. Oh wait! She changed her name! Okay, Brianne from "to twirl a mustache" Haha!! Love that.

and Lily, from Snatched from the Wind!

These gals all have awesome posts, that I superbly enjoy reading. (Jocee does too, of course, I can't leave her out, but she already got her own pre-made award!! Hehehee sorry Jocee ;)


  1. You have like, the most totally awesome posts!(wow, did I sound like a Valley Girl or what?) Lol, yes, I did get my own award from Jamie (isn't she so sweet?!) and I did my tag. I was totally going to tag you but you got your own award, too! Hurray for awards!! Hip hip hurray!! Hip hip hurray!! Haha. "hip hip" That sounds so hipster ;) :P
    -Jocee <3

  2. Wow, fantastic post! <3 It really made me smile while I read it...also, congrats on the award!

    Your blog button is now proudly displayed on the side panel of my blog for the whole world to see!


  3. Wow, that`s so cool how he made an award for you! Nice answers, I agree with you on a lot of the questions! :)

  4. Awhhh!! This is amazing!! As soon as I escape from my crazy life and get back to real blogging again, I'm re-posting this! I love you, Lauren. <3 (I love the Lighthouse Song, btw... it's haunting.)


  5. thank you, soul-sis!!! I'll be sure to do it later this week. ;)

    looooove ya,

  6. I love Lighthouse's Tale!! And I just had the funniest mental image of you being all spread out over your queen-sized bed, which was followed by an image after you've gotten married, in which your husband is looking semi-nervously in your direction, unable to move, pinned as he is to the bed by your far-flung limbs, as you sleep blissfully away. Teehee!! :D


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