Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My last rant on the book, I promise; but please read it (the post, not the book)! I'm practically begging you!

All right, so listen. I just want to make myself clear. "Mockingjay" did not bother me so much because it scared me, or because it saddened me...it was the overwhelming amount of violence found in its pages. If this book were transferred exactly as it is to a movie, it would be rated R; in other words, not for the teens or children who are reading it!

Maybe it just bothers me so much because I'm a visual reader; when I read, it's like there's a movie playing in my head. I actually get used to the faces, the voices of the characters, and that's why I get so involved in the books that I do read. But the downfall with that is that anything that's super-awesome, or super-horrible will stick in my mind for a very long time afterwards. Thus, it took me nearly an hour to fall asleep last night because I could not get the faces of all the people I'd just seen killed out of my mind (I know that sounds silly since it's a book, but like I said, I'm visual). I did, in fact, have haunted dreams throughout the night, and when I woke up, I was still bombarded with the images I'd seen.

I know I'll probably annoy some of you with this post (since I just posted on it), but I just have this overwhelming urge to stop people from reading this book!! Not because the story was bad, or because Suzanne Collins is a bad author, but because I just can't bear the thought of other people having these images stuck in their minds; one of those images being the graphically detailed murder of a large group of children. Yes, children. And for those of you who've read the first or second book, I'm not talking about the tributes.

All I know is that I want to shield whoever I possibly can from those pictures I'm sure will not be wanting to leave my head any time soon. It makes me sick now every time I think about all of the people, including little girls, asking for this book at our book store.
I'm glad we don't sell it.

This will be my last rant about the book. But please, please take what I've said into consideration. Adieu, friends.


  1. yuck! At first I scrolled down so I could see your posts in order, and I was thinkin.. oh, i gotta read this book! And then I was like... no way! yuck. Sounds terrible. I like bright happy books. Anne of Green Gables in my thing right now:)
    ♥ Alli

  2. I feel sad for you, having to see those girls come in asking for such a horrific story. I don't think I will be reading this book any time soon.

  3. I completely agree with you. It's terrible that they are making a movie. I mean, does anyone remember Columbine? We really don't need kids reading and watching movies that are based around death.

  4. thanks for sharing! i just read a book that was really disturbing too, i even stoped reading it because i couldn't handle it.

  5. Thanks for the heads up, Lauren!! I hadn't ever really heard of the Hunger Games until you and Katie mentioned it.....so I think I'll just stay that way. (:

    love you!!

  6. Thanks for the heads-up, girl-- just the other day I read spoiler-laden review of Mockingjay and the blogger wasn't too pleased with the book either. Still, I've started the first one and I'm OCD-- I still may end up reading the last two 'cause of that :P Yikes.
    It's super sweet and kind of you to post about this and keep people from reading it- I really, really appreciate it. <3


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