Saturday, April 7, 2012

no rhyme or reason.

I am the worst irritable person there ever was. Because when I get irritable, I snap. And then when I snap, I feel so incredibly awful, like in those times when I know without a doubt that I'm letting God down...that's how it feels when I get snippy with everyone around me. Every now and then I wish I was one of those people that just didn't care...but I guess that's not how God made me.

Colton Dixon is so great. He's like the Tim Tebow of the music world. It makes my heart sing to see people using the platforms given to them to glorify the Lord...It's beyond inspiring.


I wish all the hype about The Hunger Games would disappear. I'm sorry if you like it and think it's the best book/movie in the history of the world, but I'm just a wee bit tired of seeing it everywhere. I hardly even want to log onto Pinterest anymore!

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I wish my dog wasn't so bipolar. Some days she likes me, some days she doesn't. Odd duck.

Have you ever noticed how it can be easier to just purposely not think about something? Because you know that if you do think about it, you'll get worried beyond a point that is healthy? Feeling that way at the moment. I've had headaches and lightheadedness issues for like, my entire life. And recently, with a sudden onset of really quick, really painful odd head pains, my doctor's decided to send me to get some sort of scan on my head. I'm not too concerned about it, I'm actually relieved that they're *finally* going to check to see if there's actually something wrong with me or not. But I've already had a few moments where I've thought, "What if there is something wrong with me?", and that just freaks me out way too much to even give it thought. And thus, I shall not give it much thought. Onward!


I wonder what it's like to spend holidays with just your family? My Nana and Pap are like the shepherds wandering along, finding lost sheep and adding them to their's nice and sweet, but every holiday, there's someone added to the group....and to be honest, it's often times more awkward then anything else. Now, that doesn't mean everyone; this year our pastor and his family is coming and that's just exciting...he feels like family...he fits. ;) But every holiday there's someone just random and awkward thrown into the mix. And we're totally running out of space. To the point that today, I actually thought to myself, "Man, I hope someday when I have my own family, we can still come to Nan's on holidays..." So I repeat: I wonder what it's like to spend holidays with just your family?
(I hope that doesn't sound's just a "hmm" kind of moment)

Ew. I made this weird salmon dip last week....I had to descale the salmon. *gags* It was disgusting. But hey, milestone! I said to my sister, "What if I marry a guy who loves fish??" Well, now I've descaled one. I think that's a plus ;)

Okay, here's one for you: People...It is weird to follow someone on Pinterest, and then Facebook friend them. I'm sorry, but it is. Now, if I know you from blogger and you therefore find me from Pinterest, that is fine. There are quite a few of you lovely bloggers who I actually "know" and therefore recognize elsewhere, but if you just randomly friend me without explanation, and seemingly just because you like the stuff I pin...that's weird.
Anyways, my point? If you hop over to my Pinterest, and decide from there that you'd like to friend me, go for it... But let me know who you are, eh? Like say, "Hey, I know you from blogger!" That's actually fun :D I love being "official" friends with you guys ;)

I wish certain situations in life weren't so unnecessarily complicated. *sigh*!


I hate moments where I find myself wishing I was skinnier. I hate moments where the women around me who I adore find themselves wishing they were skinnier. I mean, who was it that decided that size 2 was best, and that curves were bad? And why do wedding dress distributors make their bridesmaid dresses so awkward??
Ugh. This is the train of thought that comes around when you're the one out of three bridesmaids who is definitely not a size 2 (or 0). *whispers* It'll be over soon enough!

This post by Mirriam over at Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden...almost too much to handle. So incredibly beautiful. I actually asked her if I could print it out to put in my Bible...she said yes. :) Thank you Mirriam!

Waiting patiently can be hard to least God seems be throwing plenty at me to keep me busy in the meantime! Thank you Lord! :)

It's 11:00, I'm not even in bed yet, and I'm already longing for a nap tomorrow. I've been a bit too sleep deprived this past week. Hey!! Maybe that explains the irritability o.O Hmmm....

(This post basically inspired by Abby's, over at Castles, Quills, and Cameras. I adore that girl. You should go check her out ;)

PS: I do NOT know what's going on with the fonts. :P It's not like that on purpose though, and I can't fix it!! Argh. Oh well.


  1. Oh Lauren, you are soo funny!!

    Anyhoo, i LOVE your blog background! I'm currently in the middle of getting a new look as well, done by Jocee from

    so yeah!! now get some sleep!


  2. Well - nearly everything you posted about fits me right now. I was even in a snippy mood this morning because two siblings stood in the hallway outside my door screaming at each other and I hate to wake up to that.
    I have also had headaches, but I'm wondering if it's time to check my glasses perscription.
    And yeah... with the skinny. I'm short and curvy which makes me look dumpy... So...
    Yeah, I'm right there with you!

  3. Your great!! always love what you have to share! My favorite American Idol singer is Phillip Phillips lol simple and such a strong voice!



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