Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hey girls...


You know that guy?
The one that will tell a girl she's beautiful?
The one that tells her that she's worthy of a prince?
The one that strives to protect her heart,
who proudly proclaims that chivalry is not dead, and lives it out?

I know it seems sometimes like he doesn't exist...but he does.
The myth of the godly man who cherishes the heart of a woman...isn't a myth at all.
He really does exist...
and I know it for a fact.


  1. This is cute! Me too! Though it's hard to believe 'cause most of the guys nowadays are becoming assholes in one way or another, I still believe a guy worthy of a girl's love exists. Just like my dad. :)

  2. Aw thanks! Sometimes we forget this and sometimes the guys forget they can become this! Thanks for sharing girl :)


  3. Hmmm, I don't know KatySue...I might have to snag him for myself!!! ;)

  4. Love this Lauren! :) Your blog design is so cute too! So do you have a guy in your life now or a potential one? :) <3

  5. Rachel: Thanks! And hahahaha. No new guy in my life, only a potential ;) But I don't know if I'd really even consider him a potential...I'm very picky! He must prove himself to be entirely worthy! Hahaha!! ;) But he's definitely a sweetheart, who's shown me that there are guys who can be just that: sweethearts. ;)
    ~Lauren :)


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