Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's the sweet little things sometimes ❤

~April snowstorms! Okay, so I'm making a point of making this one happy tomorrow, when we get hit with inches and inches of snow; I shall be pulling out the Christmas music, the comfy cozy clothing, grabbing some delicious coffee from Sheetz, turning up the heaters and having one more Christmassy day before the summer months kick in! Taking it in stride! I can hardly wait :D

~Walking on my tiptoes again! Which therefore translates to a healing ankle, and a cute *cough* ankle doctor to tell me it's healing just fine ;)

~The 20 minute long score to Titanic. Could listen to it on repeat all day long. So. beautiful.

~BBC's Robin Hood!!! Thank you Samarah!!!! I shall never be the same again! *said in a British accent* Goodness, Jonas Armstrong has the most beautiful smile...

I've been more guy-crazy-ish lately than usual... I'd thought I'd passed that particular teenage stage about 5 years ago. I'm going backwards...I don't think that's a good thing.
Moving on!

~My first 3D experience, which was seeing Titanic in 3D...let me just say, I could practically feel the icy cold of the water! ...and not just because the theater was chilly :o By the way, that scene makes my heart just about burst.

~Moments where you realize you deserve so much more, and therefore, your chains get just a little bit looser. ;)

~And oh yeah. Tim Tebow. Just because we haven't heard from him in a while, doesn't mean we've forgotten about him ;)

~My blogger sweeties who are always an encouragement...thanks, my girls.


  1. After a beautiful warm weekend we are due for some snow on Friday...I just might pull out the Christmas music(any excuse to listen to the Micheal Buble Christmas album!!)
    Here, here to cute ankle doctors(the best kind)and BBC's Robin Hood!
    If you haven't already, you should check out BBC's modern Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch, which is also pretty epic!

  2. Very fun - I love your picture posts! Just a question, do you decide what to post and then add photos or do you pick the photos first - or is it just a running thing, you think of something find a picture, in the midst of finding a picture see another picture and think of something to post related to the photo? Did that make sense? I usually say things and make the question/statement longer than needs be...

  3. KatySue, I'll check it out!! Robin Hood's so good, it might just have me on a BBC kick!

    Riah, often times what I'll do is just type out whatever random thoughts come into my mind and *then* after I'm all finished go find cutesy pictures to go with them. But in my *really* crazy random picture posts, I'll put the picture first, then the caption. Does that make sense? Haha ;D


  4. Robin Hood was one of my most fave. BBC series - even if I did have a couple of "issues" with the ending. =/

  5. Yep that totally makes sense :)

  6. YAY! I'm so happy you love Robin Hood too! Yeah, doesn't Jonas' face just make you melt?! AH! ;) awesome show.


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