Saturday, February 4, 2012

This is what I'm thinking...

~I'm so incredibly cold right now, I cannot stand it. I don't know why I'm not curled up in bed. Where it's warm. And cozy. O.o

~There's like, a chip on one of my back teeth. Something tells me that it's always been there and I've subconsciously been ignoring it, but today I noticed it, and it's driving me insane.

~I have a new appreciation for weekends, as I now work every day of the week 9 to 5, excluding weekends. I work at a doctor's office now. I file things ;)

~I can't wait to see this movie. Every time a preview comes on, I have to resist bursting into tears.

~I. can't. wait.

~Funniest thing I've ever seen. And I've now watched it about 40 thousand times. ;)

~I really hope that Matthew Fox is a good guy. Do you ever feel that way about actors? I feel like so many of them are just...not good people. I hope Mr. Fox here is one of the exceptions. I just like him. He makes a good doctor.

~One of these days, I'm pretty sure my car is going to just fall apart while I'm driving it. *starts singing "When We All Get to Heaven"* "What a day of rejoicing that will be! When we all seee Jesus, we'll sing and shout the victory!"

~So good. Starting book 2 now!

~I'm going to go watch Lost now. I simply have to figure out how he gets to the point of having long hair. One of life's mysteries, eh?

~I love you. Really, truly, I do.


  1. Oh I love that video! There's one called *stuff* New age girls goodness it's hilarious.:)

  2. I love Lost.....Love that video.....and also hold out hope that my favorite actors are good people....and love Lost.....and am really loving that picture of Kate and Jack, though I don't remember any time they looked like that from the show.....and did I mention I LOVE Lost! ;-)

  3. where's tim tebow? aww.
    but anyway, that video is so funny i could just die. so funny. :))
    -jocee <3

  4. "Back off, Philistine! Ehhhuff!" ROFL

    You always manage to brighten my day, Lauren! :D



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