Sunday, February 12, 2012

i can be such a stereotypical girl sometimes.

...this never gets old.

Gloomy day.
Snowy. Freeeezing.
And every now and then, I find myself heartsick for the wrong person at the wrong time for the wrong reasons...and I choose to wallow, as Lorelai Gilmore would call it. Very rarely do I choose to "wallow". But this is just one of those days.
It's moments like these I wish I had a sister my age who'd understand when I say I need an all night chick flick marathon, starting with depressing sappy movies and ending with female empowerment!! (Legally Blonde, anyone?)
But alas, I'm on my own. So I put on a good cry movie (PS I Love You; gets me every time), make some pb & j (because popcorn is overrated), grab a can of sugary unhealthiness-uh, I mean Pepsi, and curl up in bed for a good night of tears.
I feel like sometimes, a good cry can just cleanse the heart! Even if for just a bit ;)

Not to mention, the flu has officially hit our household. My poor father has been violently ill all day, and my little sister will be next, I'm sure. She's a tough little bug, and never gets sick and was saying she wasn't feeling well before bed :o And then you've got my little brother, the hypochondriac who I'm sure will be "sick" by morning ;) And my mom hasn't felt good either.
Me? Eh. I'm ignoring my slightly upset stomach and lightheadedness and willing my body NOT to turn against me. And if that means quarantining myself in my room until every one else is done being ill, then so be it!

So I'm going to go lock myself back up in my room now. I may actually even go to sleep. o.O
I hear it's good for ya ;)


  1. I am with you, we all need to wallow a little from time to time, I know I do! hehe

  2. Stay healthy Lauren! And I hope the rest of your fam is feeling better soon.:)

  3. I'm assuming those pics are from the Gilmore Girls? (not familiar w/ a lot of shows, sorry :) love that she's eating chocolate, that would be me!! :) Hope your family gets better soon and that you don't get sick - that's not fun!! :(

  4. I know just how you feel!! Sometimes I just want to wallow, but am surrounded by, suck it up sister and listen to my problems kind of people..... =P
    Love Legally Blind and Gilmore Girls, they make me happy! =)

  5. Yes ma'am, I am! Under Lauren Voltz. I posted a few weeks ago my pinterest account on my "That's so Pinteresting Wednesday"'s got my Facebook profile pic on it! :)

  6. OR you could always just try this:

    haha. Thought of that a bit late! ;)


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