Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Ma Nature's lyrical with her yearly miracle...spring, spring, spring!!!"

....Okay, maybe not. But a girl can dream, right? This morning I woke up all comfy cozy in bed, and there was so much light coming in through my curtains that I thought for sure it was a sunny, spring-like heart was warmed at the thought. A smile lit my face, as I was filled with thoughts of bright green grass, and warm breezes, and the smell of sunshine...I joyously hopped out of bed, ran to the windows, tore open the curtains and...
four inches of snow. Figures.

So I needed some springy inspiration today.

I cannot wait for the vibrant colors,

bare feet (or socked feet) on nice cool grass,

ice cream!! in a cone, of course ;)

comfy park benches on cool days,

dandelions that make me think of Belle,

green, green, green,

the world blooming into life again,

wearing skirts!,

reading outside again,

cozy golden-warm days,

the smell of lilacs,

God's incredible artwork,


magical, beautiful, wonderful days.

I know a lot of people who every year say something along the lines of "I'm moving to Florida!! I'm done with the snow!"
And while the snow can get tiresome as it piles up more and more by the minute...I'd never want to live in any other climate. Because without the dreariness of winter, there'd be no spring to look forward to...and what would life be without that?

By the way...can any of you name what musical the title is from? If you can, I'll love you forever. But let's face it. I kind of already do ;D


  1. Oh, oh pick me, I know! I love that movie!!!! =)
    Those pictures make me want spring to get here in a bad way. Yesterday it was 65 and today we woke up to 4" of snow..... =(

  2. I had a similar waking experience a few days ago, with the same result. :/ At least we have pictures to remind us of what spring looks like! :)

  3. ohhhh Lauren---I have missed you posts something fierce!
    Dreaming of spring, but waking up to snow? *sighs* That does sound rough. But hey, at least February is almost over! Soon enough spring will be here....yayness :)))

    love always and forever,

  4. I JUST finished watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers but a few days ago and have had that song stuck in my head for a while! It does my heart good to know there are other kindred spirits out there who appreciate it as well!

  5. This makes me wish it was spring! :) I love these pics - beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! :) <3

  6. The Seven Brides for Seven Brothers title to this post caught my eye! ;) I was like 'hey!! I love that song!' And that certain line in it is my favorite...cuz my favorite couple sing/dance to it ;) heehee

    Can't wait for spring to be here officially!! March 22nd, right? Or 21st? I can't remember... :P heehee


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