Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"You sit on a throne of lies!!!" -Buddy the Elf. (hehehehee!!)

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Moose munch. Chinese food. Super scrumptious coffee loaded with French Vanilla cream, sugar, Irish creme.
I am seriously the unhealthiest "skinny" person I know. One day it's all gonna catch up to me, I'm sure of it. Maybe. I'm hoping I follow in my Aunt Abby's footsteps...she's like a 34 year old version of me, physically, mentally, everything. Except that I haven't had 5 kids, I guess she's not exactly like me. Or I'm not exactly like her....Okay, I'm just blabbering.

~This song is so ridiculously addictive. I listen to it once. I listen to it twice. Suddenly, it's on repeat, and is playing on a never ending circle. Click play. Now. Now!!!

~About a week ago, my aunt Emily and I were at our pastor's house, having dinner with his mother in law while he and his wife were out of town. So I'm doing the dishes, look down, and there on the kitchen floor is this teeny tiny frog!! So I'm like, "Ooh my goodness!/cool!" and Ems starts spazzes out, acting like it's this vicious nasty creature. All the while, Gram Smith just sits there, smiling and shaking her head at us, as we lie on the floor to search for it after it goes beneath the stove. So here, it climbs through a hole in the wall behind the stove. Our pastor's wife is on the phone with Gram Smith and says then that the frog will be down in the basement (?!). So we scurry downstairs and there he is on the basement floor hopping away!! (He had like a 12 foot fall too!) So I capture him, and we have to put him on a picture of Pastor Dick to take him upstairs and set him free. His name was Fernando. I wonder where he is now...

~So this foreign guy who sells lotion at the food court tried to give me his number today. And according to him, in his Spanish-y type accent, I am "very be-autiful!" haha. Goodness. Maybe I've blossomed within the past couple of weeks or something? Now if only someone my age were around...

~Oh SNOWED today!!! And actually stayed on the ground for like, an hour! Woohoo!

~I get to be in another wedding. This time, for a girl I worked with who's a family friend who's marrying my uncle. (whoo, that's a mouthful!) She's a sweetheart. Last night she'd decided that she was going to drive here today to give me pepper spray for when I close alone at work! She's so hysterically sweet! She's also vowed that she will drive over to the mall to walk me out to my car at night because she doesn't want my admirer at work walking me out! Of course I don't let her, it's too much work, but is that not ridiculously great? Anyways she's getting married sometime next year and asked me to be in her wedding! I feel so honored :) Except that these weddings I'm in are piling up so quickly, how am I ever going to decide who'll be in mine? :P


~Wouldn't it be so lovely for Peter Pan to come whisk you away to Neverland, where you could live happily ever after?
Except that, if some guy came knocking on my window, I wouldn't feel too flattered about it. In fact, I'd scream, be totally freaked out. My dad would come running with his gun. The guy would probably fall off of the roof while trying to get away. Break an arm. Or a leg. So please, men of the world. Don't ever climb up onto the roof and knock on my window. It'd be too much trouble.

This makes me laugh out loud!! So funny. When I was little, I remember telling my dad that I had an imaginary boyfriend, and his name was Darien. ;) Ah, I loved him.

Did you girls ever have imaginary boyfriends when you were little? ;D


  1. the cat with snowflakes on its nose. beautiful. great post, i love your blog so much. and uh, what are you talking about? i STILL have imaginary boyfriends! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Oh, Lauren... you brighten my day every time! I love your take on boys coming to your window. I must say I agree with you! ;)
    I did not have an imaginary boyfriend, but I had imaginary pets! Not quite the same...? :)

  3. I was always sort of fond of Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. But now that I think about it, you're right...some guy stalking through the woods and randomly chasing you down to dance with him would be a tad terrifying. Still, a nice "dream", eh? ;]

  4. goodness, you have the most funny guy flirting with you stories! ;)
    I think you would really enjoy Pinterest. have you checked it out? beware...its addicting ;D

    much love♥

  5. creepy lotion guy at mall....*shudders*

    and yeah, I'd probably do the same thing if a boy knocked at my window. I don't like being surprised, so I'd probably scream my head off *sighs* Romance is quite dangerous sometimes ;)

    love always,

  6. I did have imaginary boyfriends when I was little lol I almost forgot about that lol Your posts are inspiring girl thanks for always sharring something wonderful!



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