Sunday, November 20, 2011

the only thing missing is snow :o

It's that Christmas time of year, and I am savoring it. I mean, it's really only here for about a month and then it's "Let's move on to Valentine's Day!!" Ah, it kills me.

So here I sit, in my far too warm room, with a Christmas movie on: "A Season for Miracles", on the Hallmark channel. It's one I saw when I was little and it has been a classic in our family ever since! So romantically Christmassy! (Although even though I'm quite a romantic, I still don't understand falling head over heels 100% in love in 2's like Titanic, where they fell in love in 2 days. Eh.)

Yesterday, I bought Christmas lights that are vintage-y Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Donald Duck; they're the ones that are pictures lit up? They're fantastic, and just a bit ago, I hung them up with my other plainly colorful Christmas lights all around my room. *sigh*.

My room is smelling deliciously like candy corn (thank you Yankee Candle tart burner), while I smell deliciously like clementines; 'tis the season! ;D

Today, we had an early Thanksgiving at my MomMom and Pappy's (my Mom's side of the family) where we ate Papa John's pizza and ordered Thirty-One bags and such ;) Not your traditional Thanksgiving event, but this is our first year that we won't be there on Thanksgiving day, and I think we weren't quite sure what to do with it! See, we're going to be at my Nana and Pap's this year (my Dad's side), because my older brother has to work on Thanksgiving day, and I work early the next morning until 11 o'clock at night, so instead of traveling the 2 hours to my MomMom's, we're staying home with to be with my Dad's side this year. I'm not sure what this will be like, since in all of my 18 years I've never had a Thanksgiving at my Nana's! It's such tradition for us to travel to MomMom's, have a somewhat dramatic, yet lovely time, stay over Wednesday night, and get up early Thursday morning to watch the parades and such. We'd eat Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, stay till early evening, head home in the dark while listening to Christmas music, and sometimes watching the snow fall outside of the windows...then we'd go straight to my Nan's to heat up Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner, and see the Christmas tree the whole family had worked so hard to put up!
Now, that's what I'm most excited for this year! First of all, finally getting to see how they get that 15 foot tall tree in the house (I've always wondered!) and getting to help decorate it! Oooh so exciting! But still, I'm a bit sad not to be going to my MomMom's...oh well, I guess. It's just this year I suppose! And hope ;)

Update on my coffee phase: after a week of drinking it just about nonstop, and after getting horribly sick today after three cups of delicious Caramel flavored coffee doused in cream and sugar, I think this phase is coming to an end. I shall try my best to keep my coffee drinking to the simple testing of yummy Harry and David coffee flavors.


I hope your guys' weather outside isn't frightful just yet! I know ours isn't :P


  1. our weather is gross. eighty degrees. yuck. also, i love hallmark channel! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Much like Jocee I weather is 70-something... I'm hoping to see a dip soon...

  3. awwwww puppies! so cute!! its nothing near fall or winter here...its like in the 70s...ugh.

  4. Two inches of snow...that's all we've got yet. We're having a remarkably mild year.

  5. You always share the coolest things on your blog! Im way into the christmas spirit too!


  6. that's the nice thing about Thanksgiving----you get to be creative so you spend time with all your family members :)

    love always,

    ps--we called my grandma {on my dad's side} Mom-mom too <3


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