Thursday, November 10, 2011


Sometimes I have to do what I wholeheartedly think is right. Even if it does mean my whole family turning against me because of it.
My 10 year old brother wants to read The Hunger Games. My parents don't care if he does. Well, I do. So I'm fighting it. Not outright fighting it, but I scurried upstairs and post-it marked every gory sentence in the book, and asked them to read each mark and then make their decision.
Now, this makes my brother upset because he says that every one of his 10 year old friends has read it, and he just wants to fit in. This breaks my heart; first off that he feels so left out, second off because SO many children are reading this book series, and their parents just don't care.
Anyways, from his teary eyes to my parents sudden wavering thoughts of this book, everyone's "stressed out" and grumpy, and pretty much giving me the cold shoulder.
Well, if that's what it takes to keep my sensitive child of a brother from reading this horrific adult be it.


  1. I agree with you! And so does my sister. He's too young! Way too young! I think its great that you are standing up for what you know is right!

  2. its good that you choose to stand up for whats right, im very proud of you.

  3. oh. well, this was a *post*. i've never read the hunger games, and honestly, i don't have much of a desire to. not at this point anyway, so I'm neutral about your decision. i mean, in the long run, once i've read it {if i ever do} i'll understand {or not} how you feel and take steps like these towards other kids i know.
    we all have the pressure of fitting in. i know i wanted to read/see harry potter and my parents were like "NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT." and they gave to reason as to why. it ticked me off, frankly, and so i did my research and had a basic idea, but the feeling hasn't gone away yet. i'm still curious, but that's just apart of life that we all go through, and it probably won't ever leave us until we die.
    so, my message to your brother is: be patient. you won't be ten forever. you'll get to watch intense movies and read intense books soon. this isn't the endless paradox of pre-preteenhood. you'll be a young adult, then an adult. we all go through this. you're not alone :))
    -jocee <3

  4. Aw, darling. I understand completely. My little sister wanted to read the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" one year... and I unfortuantely had already read it, and it was inappropriate. And the same situation occurred... to the tee.

    I pray it blows over soon, because that is never fun.


  5. Gosh, girl- don't give up. I feel for your brother about fitting in, and I feel for you having to fight against this. Darling dear, I'll be praying.

    Maybe you should have us sign a petition.... just kidding xD

    Anyway, here's a hug from me darling. *hug*

  6. Wow, that sounds EXACLTY like what I would do! That's great that you cared enough to try to convince your parents otherwise.
    My parents actually ask me before my younger siblings read certain books (since i've almost always read them first), and they always go with it, so thankfully I haven't had that problem.
    ♥Alli =)

  7. You're such a loving sister, Lauren.:) I read the first two, but didn't read the last one on account of the...overly mature content. Maybe in a few years, but I hear it's pretty upsetting.


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